September fitsnack Review

Happy Friday!

I just finished my last exam of the week and have a really easy lab for the rest of the afternoon, so I am already mentally checked out. That being said, I decided to write up my review of the September Fitsnack box on here!

If you haven’t tried out fit snack yet I HIGHLY suggest it if you are a lover of healthy snacks! Fit snack is a monthly subscription box that sends you a different variety of snacks each month. With my link you can get a free gym bag too and a discount, so check it out-

So, lets get into a breakdown of the September box. Unfortunately this month’s snacks had a lot of non-vegan snacks. On the plus side, I shared them with some of my friends and they were excited about them!

So, what was in this months box?

Trophy Nuts:

I was excited to see these nuts in the fit snack box again! In previous boxes I had gotten the peanuts and almonds, so I was excited to see the cashews in this box! Cashews are one of my favorite nuts- I usually don’t but them that often because I eat wayyyyy too many at one time. That’s what so great about the fit snack boxes- the packages are individually sized and it helps with portion control!

Tosi Cashew Superfood crunch

These were so good! It had the perfect texture and was subtly sweet. These were super crunchy and different from any other snacks I’ve ever tried. I would totally buy these at the store.

Amara Sports Drink

I usually do not drink sports drinks because I am not really a fan of them. I remember growing up I used to hate when my mom made me drink gatorade when I was sick. Some people rely on gatorade for sports, or post-hangover relief, but I just hate the taste. Also gatorade is just not healthy at all and filled with sugar, so if you are looking for a  healthier alternative then I would definitely try this. It also has some caffeine in it along with the electrolytes and is the official drink of the paleo diet (whatever that means).

Non vegan snacks that I gave to my classmates:

Truproteins whey protein – chocolate flavor. This is a grass fed whey protein and non-gmo and free of artificial ingredients. If you are looking for a healthier whey protein, then I would consider this protein.

Wilde bar

These were like beef jerky bars- at least thats what it looked like. I do not think I would have liked  this much even if I wasn’t vegan, but my friend seemed to like it!

MHP Protein brownie:

Once again, not vegan. It looked kind of gross actually and very processed. The brownie was like a slimy and tough texture. It was gluten free though so if you like your treats and are not a huge baker, then I would try these out.

Finally- IPS protein chips

The flavor in this box was white cheddar. A few months back before I went vegan I got some of these in the cinnamon and barbecue flavor. Though I can’t speak to this particular flavor, the other ones I tried a couple months ago were really good! I remember the cinnamon ones being my favorite.

There is also a coupon in there for a free watermelon juice so I need to find a store that sells it so I can get some! It looks like it would be really good to use in smoothies.

Have you ever tried any of these snacks?? What do you most want to try? When does the weekend officially begin for you? Let me know in the comments!

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