Fitsnack December Review

Coming in a bit late as usual on my fit snack review. This was from the December box. When i initially opened the box I was so excited to to see the hemp protein and the tosi snacks. I had the tosi snack in another box and LOVED it, so I was happy that was included again. I need to find out where i can buy them other than online!

Here’s a breakdown of what was in the December box:

First up: hemp pro70

There was both vanilla and chocolate protein powder in this box. I love plant-based protein powders, so of course i had to add these to my smoothies. I love mixing together chocolate protein powder with frozen bananas & unsweetened almond milk! This protein powder packs a punch with 15 grams of high quality plant protein that would be awesome in baking as well.

EnerChi Bites – Featuring the all mighty chia seed, these tasty little treats are gluten, soy and dairy free. Every bite is 100% all natural and full of flavor. Mighty delicious, and tastes very similar to larabars! They were much more filling than Larabars, however.

Detour Smart Bar – Gluten free and 20% protein. Whole grain oatmeal mixed with coconut and almond chunks and finished with a yogurt drizzle in this delicious fiber-rich, low sugar bar.
Four Points Bar – Fourpoints uses unique, raw, premium ingredients in specific ratios to support REAL long term energy, wherever you Play.
Ground 2 Table Spices – Organic spice blends and flavor kits deliver exceptional flavor without depending on added salt, sugar, artificial flavoring or GMOs. Cannot wait to start adding these to dishes. I am super excited to use the curry spice to add to some potatoes or chickpeas. YUM
Tropical Valley Foods Next Chocolates – Dark Chocolate Gogi Berries, yes please! Next by Nature was our #1 sweet pick and we had to share. Gluten-Free, lower sugar, and full of antioxidants. These were amazing! The consistency was similar to chocolate covered raisins, except a little bit firmer.
Salad Power – By Allinone Vegetables, Salad Power is the world’s first drinkable salad! Every bottle contains a superfood veggie salad blend. I love a good salad, so this product was very interesting to me. I am not a huge juice person, but this was great! You get lots of veggies into your day without much effort!
Fuel 100 Eectro-Bites – Electro-Bites made to replace calories and electrolytes that are paramount to achieving fitness goals. These electro bites were in another box, but in the pumpkin spice flavor. I liked the apple cinnamon flavor that was in this box much more. These energy bites have almost a buttery flavor to them because of the coconut oil. The texture is crispy on the outside, but it kind of melts in your mouth. This makes it so much easier to eat while out on an endurance run compared to big chewy gummies/gels.

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