Friday Favs: October Fitsnack Review

Hello and Happy Friday! Woo, made it through another week! Every week I make it through nowadays is an accomplishment & we deserve to celebrate a week of hard work, right??

Today I am bringing you a review of my October Fitsnack box & my Friday Fitness Favs. Fit snack just so happens to be one of my Fitness Favs this month and pretty much every week. Who doesn’t love healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep each month?? Or in my case delivered to my school mail room.

There was lots of deliciousness in this month’s Fitsnack box and some delicious Vegan snacks for me to try! There were also some non-vegan snacks (but were gluten free) that I shared with my friends.

Here’s a shot of some of the things in the box!

First up: Love Grown Foods Mighty Flakes

I have tried Love Grown Foods Power o’s and absolutely love them, so I was excited to try these flakes. I think I may like the flakes even better than the Power o’s/ Mighty flakes are made with beans and lentils and are the first flaked cereals that are wheat & corn free! These are lightly sweetened and don’t give you a sugar high & subsequent crash like most sugary cereals. Love grown Foods has caused me to start buying cereal every now and then to top on my smoothies and nana ice cream 🙂 highly recommend this brand – 10/10.

Raw Rev Protein bar:

These are made from minimally processed plant based ingredient and infused with organic raw superfoods. The bar was peanut butter dark chocolate & sea salt which sounded super tasty. When I tried it I was a bit disappointed though. The texture was a little bit strange. The chocolate chips in it were still kind of melty which was nice, but the bar was dry, yet kind of oily at the same time. Overall, the bar wasn’t bad but I probably would not pick it up at the store.

First things first how cute are my dental school friends???  I got my fit snack package from the mail pick up on our way to one of our classes, so naturally I had to break into it while waiting for class to start instead of getting my notes set up #priorities. My friends like eating healthy too so I shared all my non-vegan snacks with them! They tried the cave man foods chicken bar and the yummy Health Snack Bars.

First up:

Caveman Foods Chicken Primal Bars with all natural chicken, fruits and spices. This bar appeared like Jerky and I asked my friend Liz (pictured above) to describe the bar for me. She said that it tasted like “Thanksgiving with chicken” and that it had a good texture and just the right amount of sweetness.


Yummy Health Snack Bars

These bars are made with natural ingredients with real nutrients, like cocoa, coconut, almond butter, and flax seed for clean energy that won’t leave you with a sugar high or crash. The flavors in this box were mint and coconut. My friend Kate (above in blue) had the mint chocolate bar and Anna (above on right) had the chocolate coconut bar. They both got passed around between the three of them and they all enjoyed the bars & said they were really good. I believe that verdict was that the mint chocolate was the favorite.

Next up: Fiona’s Granola

A delicious & healthy GF & vegan sunflower granola! I topped this granola on some nice cream and it was delicious! I also topped it on my favorite banana chai smoothie & ate it by the handful. What I loved about this granola was that it was not too sweet. I like when granola is delicious, but its so delicious & sweet that I eat a third of a bag in one sitting. This granola fits the bill!

I had to snap a photo of the back of the bag- I love when companies include info on how they got started on their products! This granola got its start in the 1960s & emphasized the importance of good nutrition for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Love their mission!

A few last products:

Truproteins whey protein (I gave this to Kate as well) in Coconut Cream Pie flavor, High Brew Espresso (which I later realized contains milk so I do not plan on drinking eat) and peak energy mints which I will use because I don’t like using any artificial forms of energy.


Other Fitness & Foodie Favorites this month:

Healthy Food Favorite= Veggie Sushi! I just cannot get enough of this combo- avocado & cucumber with brown rice in sushi nori wraps. I like to dip it in tamari or spicy ginger sauce. Yumm x10.

Fav inspirational quote: no words needed 🙂

Fav laugh: This picture had me cracking up- anyone who knows me know that I like to watch the most obscure shows on TLC and I may or may not have used to watch Honey Boo Boo.

Fav healthy treat: Thin rice cakes with PB2, sliced frozen banana, and some chopped dairy-free dark chocolate! Perfect for a late night of studying.

Fav purchase: The cutest, most motivational mug ever. In case you can’t fully make out the writing it says “Go the Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded” Perfect for a runner right?? This photo was after a night out when I first got up and I was really debating not posting it but what the Hell, its my blog and I do what I want!

I got the mug at TJ Maxx for $2.99 which just makes it that much better.

That rounds it out for this Friday!! What are your favorite Fitness & foodie related things this month/ week? Which of the Fitsnack products would you most like to try?? What is your guilty pleasure T.V. show?? let me know in the comments!!

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