Perfect Pre-Workout Snacks

I often find myself starving before heading to the gym/ going for a run in the late afternoon. Sometimes I am so hungry that the thought flashes through my brain of “maybe I should just go home & not exercise”. So when that thought strikes, I need a quick bite of energy to get me through my workout! I hate eating large amounts of food/ meals too soon before exercising because it makes me feel barf-y. So- what’s a girl to eat when she needs a small bite before a workout??

I am including some options for super light snacks & snacks to eat if you have an hour or two before heading to the gym!

Snacks for quick energy when you are about to workout in 15-30 minutes:

No Bake Chocolate-PB Banana Protein Bites

These are dense little balls of energy! Grab 1 or 2 when you need something small to get you through your workout! Find the super simple, 4 ingredients recipe here: Chocolate PB Banana Protein Bites (V & GF)

Banana/ Banana & PB

Bananas are one of my favorite pre-workout snacks. They are easily digestible, filling, and provide lasting energy. Bananas are full of so many healthy nutrients & great for athletes/runners to help with muscle recovery! Some people say to not eat any fats before working out but I like to break the rules, so sometimes I have a banana with peanut butter if I’m at home or have it on me!


Another great source of quick energy! Fruit can be digested fairly quickly, but apples can be higher in fiber (especially if you eat jumbo-sized ones like me) so be careful not to eat them too soon before a workout if you have a sensitive stomach.

Nakd bars!

These are perfect for a pre-workout snack because they are filled with dried fruits and nuts to give you energy! They are also pretty small so they won’t bog you down or make you feel sick. I fell in love with these bars when they sent them to me to review. They are gluten free, dairy free & of course vegan! If you want a full breakdown of what I thought the best flavors are click HERE !

What is your favorite pre-workout snack? Let me know in the comments!

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