Fitsnack Review: November Box

November just seemed to fly by for me- anyone else? I think it has been the fastest month in my entire existence (not even joking with that one). But time flies when you are having fun right? Well, all of the studying I have been doing has not been so fun, but tearing into my November Fitsnack box is always so exciting! As always, I will be giving a little break down of each product and company below so keep on scrollin’!

Look at all those goodies! Unfortunately for me, not everything in the box was vegan, but not so unfortunately for my friends who I shared my snack with. Sharing is caring, am I right??

First up: Bite Fuel Granola

Bite Fuel – Protein granola infused with cherries and cranberries offering 12g of protein. I originally thought that this protein was Vegan, but it has whey protein in it, so it was a no-go for me. It looks super delicious though and you can see the huge chunks in the bag and big chunk of dried fruit. I bet this would taste good on oats, smoothies, dairy-free yogurt, banana ice cream, by the handful, etc.!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts –

Add 10g of high quality protein to anything, with these Gluten Free Hemp Hearts. Sprinkle on oats, a smoothie or use as a beautiful finish to a salad or potatoes! I have been topping mine on smoothies, oats, and on my salads! Gotta love some delicious plant protein!
Love Grown foods – In their Super Oats you can taste the love. Gluten free oats with 7g of protein, no sodium and the perfect flavor. I shared these Love Grown oats with my friends as they love this company and I am not a huge brown sugar fan. I absolutely adore Love Grown foods, their philosophy on healthy food, and all of their products! My friends said that the oatmeal was delicious and they really liked the big chunks of brown sugar and that it tasted natural!

Just had to include this little quote from Love Grown Food’s website as I absolutely love what they stand for

“We started Love Grown Foods to put healthier foods on the shelves, because we are passionate about making delicious and nutritious foods available to everyone. We are also committed to educating kids, parents, and teachers about the importance of eating healthy”

Breakout Bars – The perfectly balanced protein bar with 20g protein and only 6g net carbs. High in fiber with low glycemic index ingredients and loaded with antioxidants. Again, this was another product that I shared with my friends. They said that the bar was gooey and delicious! The bar had a chocolate layer on the bottom and looked like a great sweet treat!

Amoda Tea – Matcha tea is full of clean energy that boosts metabolism. You can count on a Matcha latte or smoothie to naturally detoxify your body. I had never had matcha before so I was excited to try it- but I have to admit that I have not added it to anything yet. BUT- I plan on making some matcha nice cream as soon as my bananas ripen so stay tuned!
Greens Best – ReJuvenate & Berries Best nutritional supplements to replenish your nutrient stores. Formulated by Doctors, Greens Best Nutrition™ provides all-natural, great tasting formulas to benefit the health and well-being of everyone. Of course,  the first thing I thought of to add these supplements to was smoothies. I have been all about the smoothies lately which is strange since it is so cold outside.

Added the greens best to this smoothie and it was delicious!!
Electro Bites – Electro-Bites replace calories and electrolytes that are paramount to achieving fitness goals. These are meant for long distance/ endurance training and are made from coconut oil. I decided to try just one little bit from the packet and leave the rest for when I am actually endurance training. The texture was different than any other training fuel I have had since normally things are more gummy and this was more crisp on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside. They also had almost a buttery taste- probably from the coconut oil. These would be a lot easier to chew than gummy fuel while running since they dissolve so easily! Definitely worth checking them out.

Have you tried any of these products?? Which ones do you want to try? What are your favorite healthy brands/products/ foods of the moment??? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check out fit snack by clicking HERE !!!

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