February Fitsnack Review + I’m Running A Marathon??

Hey, how’s it hanging? Its hanging pretty good over here (even though I’m in the midst of Midterms- but hey they are almost done- yippie!). Before getting into the purpose of this post, I want to share where I currently am at with my blog. I truly wish that I had more time to dedicate the this blog, but right now I am more focused on school and actually living a healthy, balanced, life. Sure, I could stay up later at night and work on the blog, or spend more time making meals and getting perfect shots (or buying a nice camera for that matter), but that is just not where my priorities lie right now. Plus, ya girl needs her sleep. So please bear with me if I don’t get as many posts/ recipes out over the next few months. It’s not that I don’t have recipe ideas/ post ideas for the blog- actually it is quite the opposite. I just am giving my time to other areas in my life right now. BUT- spring break is less than 48 hours a way, so do expect to see some epic Vegan- GF recipes coming soon! Thanks in advance to my parents for funding my grocery shopping/ recipe creation over break 🙂

Whew- glad to get that off my chest. Now, that being said, I want to share the products from the February fit snack box because there were some real winners in there! I hope that you check out some of these companies, because they truly are great.

Lets get into it:

As always- I ate the vegan snacks, and shared the non-vegan ones with friends. This time, the lucky receiver of the vegan snacks was my childhood best friend Hannah who was in town visiting. Yay for life long friends & healthy snacks!
Lesser Evil – Super Bites – “Stay healthier with LesserEvil’s delicious Super Bites! Made with white bean, quinoa, lentil, chia and baked to perfection!” These were given to my friend- she said they were pretty good!
Manitoba Harvest – Hemp Bar – This whole food bar is an ideal choice for snacking on-the-go. Crafted with Hemp Hearts and other quality ingredients in mind, chocolate is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and curb that afternoon snack craving. Well, I love hemp hearts, so I really liked this bar. The nutty flavor from the hemp hearts mixed with chocolate was delicious!

Laughing Giraffe – Cookie – Laughing Giraffe Organics Snakaroons are nutrient dense and minimally processed coconut treats that taste good and are good for you! The flavor I got in my box was lemon. I really liked it! I would definitely buy these if I saw them in store. I wish the box came with more!
Munk Pack – Oatmeal Squeeze – Raspberry Coconut and Apple Quinoa Munk Pack’s delicious, ready-to-eat Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes provide sustainable energy and quick, on-the-go nutrition. I was so surprised at how much I liked these! I am a huge texture person when it comes to food. Squishy foods like apple sauce typically don’t sit well with me, but these are amazing! I took them in my backpack for study snacks and they sure came in handy!

I Heart Keenwah – Herbes de Province Quinoa Puffs – Snack straight out of the bag, or try them on a salad! Crush for a flavorful, gluten-free & vegan bread crumb. I took the advice of this product and put these crunchy balls on a salad. They got slightly soft from being mixed in with the salad and tasted delicious! They were like healthy, GF croutons!
Peaceful Fruits – Acai -This wild acai fruit strip is 100% organic fruit, made to sustain you and the Amazon Rainforest! Unfortunately I did not like this. It was too dry and the flavor was a bit strong for my taste.

I LOVED these!
Heavenly Organics – Honey Patties -Heavenly Organics Mint Chocolate Honey Patties have a 100% dark chocolate shell filled with organic raw honey blended with peppermint. I love anything mint flavored so these were right up my alley. And just to clear the air- yes some vegans eat honey, some do not. I personally do not buy honey or products with honey in it, but I will eat products with honey if someone gives it to me. Enough said.
Lawless Jerky – Lawless Jerky combines traditional techniques and modern creativity to handcraft flavorful, high-protein snacks from 100% grass-fed beef without artificial preservatives. Obviously not vegan. Again, gave this product to my friend. The flavor was coconut thai I believe and she thought that flavor choice was a bit strange, but is a lover of normal jerky!
Vitafive – Gummy Vitamin – Not really much to say on this topic- just some gummy vitamins. I personally only supplement my diet with b12, but if you need a little nutritional boost, then check these out!
There are some BIG surprises for you in our March Madness Fit Snack box. Be sure to grab yours today by clicking HERE! If you sign up through my link you also get a free gym bag! Woo! Who doesn’t love free stuff?!?!

Now- on to some more fun stuff & reasons why I am feeling particularly excited this Monday. Big News- I’m training for a marathon! My goal is to not injure myself this time by taking my recovery seriously, increasing my mileage slowly, not using the stair master, and doing my long runs slowly. I’ll be running the Green Bay Marathon at the end of May and I am stoked! Fingers crossed that I remain injury free!

Another reason why this Monday is exceptionally special because I only have a half week of class this week before spring break. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a break in a long time. The funny thing is that I’m not even going on some crazy trip. I’m just going to go home and chill out, create some delicious recipes, hangout with the fam, play with my dog, and do lots of trail running. I cannot wait!

For now, I am going to make it through the last of my exams, and then kick back and relax.

Let me know below- If you have a spring break- what are you doing? Which snack from the box do you most want to try? Are you training for any spring races? Do you have any tips for me on how to avoid injury while marathon training?

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