Fit Snack Box: May Review

Can you believe May is already over??? From finals to graduation to moving home and starting work, May has been a complete whirlwind. That’s why I’m glad that I had some healthy snacks from fitsnack to dig into while at work, home, or running errands. Fit snack is an awesome company that puts together healthy snack boxes each month and sends them right to your door step! It is so fun to open them up each month after they arrive and to see all of the healthy products that I get to try! If you are always looking for new healthy foods/ brands, then you need to have signed up like yesterday! With my link you also get a free gym bag with your subscription! You will save so much money on snacks by subscribing (it only costs $20/ month including shipping!). The products you receive are full sized and there is a great variety.

Here is a break down of the May Box:

The May box included Numi Tea bags (so good), Oberto All Natural Beef Jerky, E-Hydrate Drink Mix, Wondergrain Sohrgum (stayed tuned for a recipe using this!), Go Raw Chewy Apricot Bar, B’Bites Dried Fruit and Nuts, Jackson’s Honest chips, Snack Out Loud Bean Snack, and Ideq Foods Golden Lentils.

The verdict: I loved almost all of the products in this box!

Oberto Jerky:

The only item that I did not try and passed on to my siblings was the beef jerky. I hate beef and have never been a fan of jerky. I think it is both the smell and the texture that throws me off. I have never even tried beef jerky before, but it is just one of those things that I do not want to try. However, my sister and brother both tried it (there were 2 bags!) and loved it! My sister wanted more and wants to order some online or find it in stores! It has all natural & healthy ingredients that you can feel good about.

Golden Lentils: I did not get an individual picture of all of the items, but it can be spotted in the photo of the box above. These lentils were my second favorite item in the box (or 3rd favorite- I can’t decide). The lentils were super small, but perfectly crispy! I can’t recall the exact ingredients, but it was a type of oil (olive or sunflower), lentils, and sea salt. While I was eating them I was thinking that they would be an awesome salad topping!

Numi Tea: I am a tea lover. I drink less of it in the summer months though, so I am working on increasing my tea intake by brewing tea & chilling it in the fridge. This tea was really tasty! Perfect for the summer- light, crisp, fruity, and flowery.

Snack out loud Bean Snack: The bean snacks came in two flavors- Ranch & Jalapeno. I generally do not go for savory snacks and am also not a fan of ranch so these were not my favorite. I think I would have liked them a lot better had they been a different flavor (like a sweet chili, sea salt, etc.).

Next up: Go Raw Bars- Chewy Apricot Flavor

These bars were so good! They tasted like a mix between a fruit leather and a nutty granola bar. They were super chewy and filled with fiber. The apricot flavor was subtle and not too overpowering. I took these bars to work to eat as a snack and they did not disappoint! They make a great alternative to standard protein/granola bars.


E-Hydrated Drink Mix

I am a fan of all natural sport drink mixes. I absolutely love Nuun and how hydrated it keeps me so I knew I would be comparing these drink mixes back to that. The verdict: pretty good! I liked the subtle flavors that weren’t too overpowering. I also like the idea of healthier alternatives to sports drinks like Gatorade/powerade that also provide electrolytes. I would definitely drink these again!

B’Bites Fruit and Nut Snacks: I really liked these snacks! This rates #2/3 on my list from this box. The bite size energy/ dessert squares reminded me of the apple pie larabar. The flavor of this one was cinnamon raisin. They are all natural, and are only made of fruit and nuts! However, that does make them a bit more calorically dense. They are sweet and taste just like a sticky oatmeal raisin cookie!

Wondergrain Sorghum-

I am so excited about this product. Fitsnack included a standard sized bag of this! (I would guess it generally retails at about $8-10/bag) I have not tried it yet, but am planning on making a recipe with it very soon! It as an all natural gluten free grain. It looks like larger, rounder quinoa. I think I am going to make a Mediterranean inspired salad with it! Stay tuned!

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips:

Last but not least- my & my sisters FAVORITE of the entire box! I told her I would let her try some when I opened the bag (it was a single serving size), but she wasn’t home when I opened it so I saved her half. These were the absolute best sweet potato chips I have ever tried! They were thick and had a great crunch. The only ingredients used are sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and sea salt!

Do you have any monthly subscription boxes? What are you dying to try from the May box??? Let me know in the comments!

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