Fit Snack Box June Review

Well now that its already July, I think its time to post a review of my June Fitsnack box! There were so many delicious goodies in this box. I am always super excited for my fitsnack boxes to come because I love trying new healthy products on the market. The product I was most excited about in this box was the Fitmiss Vanilla Chai protein powder. I have been wanting to buy a chai flavored protein powder for a while now, and definitely know which brand I will be going with!

Anywho, more on fitsnack boxes for those who are unaware of them-

What’s in a Fit Snack box?

Each Fit Snack box is packed with the most delicious and healthiest products on the market.  We strive to include a diverse experience of full and sample size items that are as good as they are good for you.

Every box is different – half the fun is getting the mystery box of goodies delivered to your door each month.

So, I bet you are wondering what was in the June box?? The picture above shows most of the products in the box, but I am going to do a little break down of the products and what I thought about each of them.

Ips Chips with Protein:
These “chips” were made with egg whites and have super healthy ingredients! I love that they including one sweet and one savory pack of chips in the box. I received barbeque protein chips along with cinnamon protein chips. The “chips” were small little crunchy squares bursting with flavor! I let my sister try the barbeque ones, but I had a few of course so that I could taste them and they were so good! I’m not usually a fan of anything barbeque flavored (no BBQ sauce for me- blech) but I liked these! However, I did like the cinnamon ones even better! They were sweet and perfect for that after dinner sweet tooth. The individual sized bag had 6 grams of protein, 140 calories, and was bursting with chips! You definitely get a lot more to munch on with these products 🙂
Fitmiss Delight Protein Powder:
I do not have enough good things to say about this protein powder! The flavor is to die for, and it pairs so nicely in smoothies. Check out my banana chai protein smoothie in the recipes section that was made using this protein powder! I love muscle pharm, and have been wanting to try their “women’s” line fitmiss. The texture of the protein powder is really nice too- not gritty, yet not too powdery either. If you like chai at all, this protein powder is a must buy! I am going to be adding it to my protein powder collection ASAP.
 Next Up: Bite Fuel Protein Cookies
When I first saw these in the box I was so excited about them- gluten free, protein packed, chocolate chip cookies??? Yes please! However, when I tried them I was super disappointed. The cookies were very dry, gritty, and super dense. Now I know that protein desserts are often a bit dense, but these were just down right bad. I couldn’t finish them- I threw the little baggie of mini cookies away. It was such a bummer because they sounded & looked so good!
Bear Naked Granola- Coconut Cashew Almond Curry
Verdict: Good- but not amazing. It had just the right hint of sweet n’ spiciness. However, I would not buy this product at the store. I love coconut, almonds, and cashews, but I could do without the curry.
Onebar: Apple Flavor
These bars are similar to fruit leather, but there is only one ingredients in the whole bar which is apples! I would prefer eat a whole apple because it is more filling, juicy, and has fiber. However, if you like fruit snack type foods and are looking for a healthier option, then be sure to check them out!
Coconut palm sugar:
This was just a small sample of coconut sugar. I have had coconut sugar before, so this was not a new product for me. Coconut sugar is a healthier alternative to brown sugar and regular sugar. My favorite way to use it is to make a sweet n spicy rub for salmon. I mix coconut sugar, chili powder, crushed red pepper, sea salt, and black pepper and them rub it into a piece of salmon. Delish!
Coco Hydro Packet: Pineapple Flavor
I have not tried this item yet, but it looks super tasty! If you love coconut water, it is an awesome way to make it portable without worrying about it getting warm/spoiled. Coconut water is great for hydration and keeping your skin healthy. It is also great for hangovers. All you have to do is add the powder to water & mix well!
Sweetwood Cattle Co. Chile Ginger Spice
This company makes all natural, healthy spices! I love ginger, so I was super excited about these spices. I used this on stir fry and it was delicious! I am also going to try it on shrimp and salmon- I think it would be great paired with fish!
Lastly: Safe Catch Tuna
Now if you know me, you know that I absolutely hate tuna. Seriously. It is on my list of my top five most hated foods (right up there with burgers, meatloaf, mayonnaise, & hot dogs). Thus, I have not tried this tuna. I gave it to my dad, and I’m sure he will put it to good use.
All in all, I really enjoyed this fitsnack box. I tried some new products that I really liked, a few I didn’t care for, and broadened my food horizons. The products I want to buy are the Fitmiss Vanilla Chai (of course) & the ips protein chips. I would like to try more flavors of the ips protein chips if they have any.
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