Nugo Dark Review: GF & VEGAN Protein Bars

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I am so flippin excited to be reviewing Nugo Dark nutrition bars. These bars are up there on the list for favorite things that I have gotten to review. These are MOST DEFINITELY the best GF & Vegan protein bars that I have ever had. And that is saying a lot from me since I am known as  bit of a food snob. I think that is how I got the reputation of being a diva according to my college cross country teammates. It was always a funny joke since I am the opposite of a diva in all other areas of my life. Any who, these bars really are great and give my favorite product review of Jessica’s Granola  a run for its money (seriously if you’ve never tried this granola you are missing out on some serious deliciousness)!

So, what makes Nugo dark bars so stinking great??

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. NuGo’s REAL Dark Chocolate melts in your mouth, releasing a luscious flavor. Other ‘dark chocolate’ protein bars substitute unhealthy palm kernel oil for the natural cocoa butter, raising the melt point above body temp, making it waxy and too sweet.
Nugo was so kind to send me 4 different flavors of their delicious Nugo Dark bars. They have tons of different varieties of bars, most of which are GF & vegan, and all of which are filled with healthy, non-mo ingredients! The flavors of the Nugo Dark variety include chocolate – chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, chocolate pretzel with sea salt, and chocolate coconut. Mint Chocolate and chocolate pretzel and two of my favorite flavors of pretty much any food, so I was stoked to see those in the package.

Ranking of flavors- my personal favorites

Chocolate Pretzel with sea salt > Mint Chocolate> Chocolate Coconut > Chocolate Chocolate Chip

I had a hard time even ordering them because they were all so delicious. I love that the bars are not overly sweet, are low in fat, and have 10 grams of protein. I usually steer clear of protein bars as of late since 1. not many are vegan and 2. not all the ingredients are healthy and 3. many are expensive & I’m on a budget!

Well, nudge solves all 3 of those issues for me – vegan, healthy ingredients, and a reasonable price! I actually walked into the Walgreens on campus today I was surprised to find a new product now being sold- NUGO DARK! They are selling the chocolate pretzel and chocolate chocolate chip and they were among the lowest priced ones there (cheaper than cliff, Kind, nogii and powerbar)! I think Walgreens will be getting a lot more of my $$ in the future.

Selfie time with the chocolate chip flavor! Yum!

I unfortunately did not get any other close up photos of the other bars (this girl was too busy chowing down) but they all share the same delicious outer chocolate coating- yummm to the max!!!

On a final note- are you sick of the FDA not giving you the straight & narrow on food products?? Do you have difficulty keeping up with what foods are deemed healthy & which are not? It can be confusing with so much mixed information out there about health. Join Nugo in taking the guess work out of health foods and sign their petition.


You can read and sign the petition created on by NuGo Nutrition to create a FDA standard for dark chocolate HERE ! .

I know you want to try some of these delicious bars- check out more info on the bars & sample packs on Nugo Nutrition’s Website

Want to find a store nearby to buy some Nugo Bars ?? Check out the store locater  & get shopping!

Which flavor are you most wanting to try? Have you had nugo bars before? What protein bar could you eat and nerve get sick of it??

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