January Favorites!

Since it is January 31st, I have decided to create a re-cap of my favorite things from this month! January has been very busy for me and I am so happy with my life right now. Here are some of the things that made me happy this month.


This month I have re-kindled my love for running. I (almost) always love to run, but this month has been going especially well in terms of motivation to run, increasing speed, and increasing distance. I also decided to register for my first marathon this month. I am so excited to train for it and run it this May. I have planned out all of my long runs, workouts, and tempo runs. I want to make sure I am as prepared as I can be for this race so I can have fun with it! So far, I am loving training and just finished a 7 mile long run today. I am currently running 3-4x a week, swimming once a week, doing yoga 1x a week, and cross training 2-3x a week. This has been working well for me so far, so i am going to stick to it!


Parenthood has been my favorite show since my sister introduced me to it last year. I watched seasons 1-4 online and watched seasons 5 and 6 as they came on t.v. I was so sad when the season ended this past Thursday. I ended up watching the episode while on the stairmaster at the gym on Friday afternoon. This episode was a definite tear jerk-er. I tried not to cry while working out, leaving me with a huge lump in my throat and making it harder to breathe (ok so I cried a tad). The finale was fabulous and I am so sad to see the Braverman family leave television. It may sound cheesy but this show has taught me a lot about life- primarily that relationships with family and friends are the most important thing a person has in their life. What is the point of having all of the success, money, or fame in the world if you have no one to share it with??


I made this canvas over winter break and absolutely love the quote! I believe that it is never too late, or even to early to start doing what you love. It is so important to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. When something isn’t going right in your life, or you are thrown off your path, you can re-adjust, set new goals, and keep moving forward!


This month I have been all about these snacks/ mini meals below! I often will have breakfast and a smaller lunch/ snack during the day before my workout and then have dinner after and a night snack if I am still hungry. I love having yogurt and fruit because it has a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and carbs. I also really like these think thin bars pictured below because they are gluten free and contain 20 grams of protein, are low in sugar, and taste delicious! My favorite flavor is the chunky peanut butter. I also love bananas with all natural peanut butter. I do not advise eating any peanut butter than has ingredients other than peanuts and salt. Jif and skippy have added oils, sugars, etc that are not necessary or healthy for you. My other go to snack is berries, or just any fruit in general. I also always eat carrots and hummus as a snack, but didn’t have a picture of those.

Let me know what your favorite healthy snacks are below in the comments!

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