WIAW: Blogging Revelation, Delicious Vegan Food, & Happy Vibes

Thanks Jen aka the mastermind behind WIAW!

I like to eat goooood foood. And I like to share it with you guys. Also, had this thought today that in order to really grow my blog and readership, I need to share more of my personality and my thoughts on how to live a healthy, vibrant life. I love spreading a positive message and showing others that it can be really easy to implement a vegan diet into their lifestyle. I think I am beginning to do that a little bit more and am enjoying engaging more with my audience (mostly on IG so if you don’t follow me there HIT ME UP). I think I am finally finding my niche in terms of blogging and can’t wait to see how this blog changes over the next year or so.

I had virtually no idea what I was doing when I first started this blog. I pretty much just made it to share some recipes with my family and friends. I didn’t know how to get my content out there, how to take a photo (still working on that!), or really even how to write (in a blogging sense that is- I have always been good at writing papers etc. for school). Now I have a much better idea of where I see this blog going and how I want to connect with others. In the next 2 years I hope to create a recipe E-Book, create some merch (talkin tees with cute sayings, mugs, etc.), and improve my photography skillz (gotta buy a nice camera for that to happen first- ha!).

Just thought I would share this with you all since I know many times other bloggers may feel a lack of direction/ discouraged by their lack of growth. I have definitely been there. But then I realize that blogging is NOT my full time job. I am going to be a dentist (less than 3 years to go!), not a full time blogger. Most of the bloggers I was envious pour all of their energy and resources into their blog. I love that they are able to do that, and really enjoy their blogs! That is just not where I am at in terms of blogging- so why get down on myself? And you shouldn’t either! Everyone is on their own journey and path when it comes to life, school, blogging, and their career. Just keep livin yo life :).

OKAY- so back to why we are all really here- FOOOOOD. Yes, I have tried so many different foods/ food combinations in the past 1-2 years than I have in my entire life. THANK YOU INSTAGRAM. Instagram gives me all the inspiration for creating new dishes. Here’s what I’ve been eatin lately!

Sorry bout some of the unaesthetic photos of food- lots of these photos tend to be the ones that don’t make it to IG (why I find it more acceptable to post ugly photos here idkkkk man) . For breakfast I has a big chocolate smoothie bowl topped with some buckinis! Smoothie bowl was made with kale, almond milk, cocoa powder, vega vanilla protein & greens and frozen bananas!

Lunch time! Big bowl of deliciousness! Red leaf lettuce, roasted potatoes, green beans, roasted chickpeas, and sriacha! Can you believe I only just bought sriacha like 3 weeks ago?? I can’t believe that I have lived my whole life without it. I think I have been making up for lost time though because i have been putting that shiz on everything! I don’t hate it.

Winner Winner Sushi Dinner!!! I love veggie sushi for dinner. I love it even more when I have it with friends! I am actually having another veggie sushi night with a friend tomorrow! Can’t wait to eat some good food and have some good conversation with one of my friends from undergrad! I have been making more of an effort to connect with and keep in touch with all of my friends/family that aren’t my dental classmates (aka the only people I see all week- don’t hate it tho- they rock :)).

That rounded out my day of eating! I also had some grapes and oranges for snacks but no photos of those 😉

Have you ever been in a blogging slump? Are you hesitant to really let your natural personality shine through on social media?

What foods have you been loving lately?

Where is your blog headed in the next few years??

Let me know below!

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