Nuun Review

Have you ever heard of Nuun hydration? I recently discovered their products after talking to some other runners & bloggers about their favorite ways to prepare for marathons. Many of them told me that they used Nuun and I just had to try it out! Nuun was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. I love that! Personally, I do not drink gatorade, powerade, etc. I have never really liked the taste and don’t like all of the added sugars and unhealthy ingredients in those drinks. I love Nuun allows me to consume electrolytes and keep hydrated while training without all of the excess sugars and carbs.

If you’ve never heard of Nuun before, you are probably wondering how you drink it. Is it a powder? Is it a liquid? Actually, it is a little tablet that self dissolves in water within 2 minutes! No shaking required. All you need to do is drop it in 16 ounces of water and wait a couple of minutes.

A little more on the product:

Nuun was created by a student and professor at Dartmouth College. As an avid cyclist, he was looking for a lightweight and portable hydration drink without high calories and sugar. Thus, the Nuun tablet was born! Today, 8 years later, the Nuun hydration tablet is the #1 selling sports drink tab in the cycling, running, and outdoor specialty marketplaces.

So, does it actually benefit your workouts??

You betcha! I drank Nuun the night before my last long run as well as the day of my long run. I felt really strong during my long run. I ended up doing just over 17 miles and my pace was just under 7:50. I felt super great with that pace and couldn’t believe that I had run that fast. I definitely think that drinking Nuun helped to keep me hydrated during my run. I also was worried about being super sore the next day since I did my run later in the day and I usually like to run earlier in the day so I can stretch my legs out for the rest of the day.

Not only do I love how hydrated Nuun keeps me, the flavors are also great. I was able to try the tri-berry and the cherry limeade. The tri-berry was delicious and better than any other berry flavored sports drink that I have tried. I love that the drinks don’t taste sugary or artificial. I feel good about drinking Nuun hydration because I know I am getting health benefits from it without unnecessary ingredients.

Have you ever tried Nuun before? How do you use it in your training??

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