How to Nix (mindless) Nighttime Noshing

This post is inspired by a friend tonight! You know who you are ;).

Ok so I am here to talk about the dreaded post dinner snacking. We’ve all done it. Its two hours after dinner and you find yourself back in the kitchen, eating chocolate chips out of the bag (only me?- doubt it). I’m going to share my tips on how you can conquer mindless eating at night! We’re not talking about real hunger here- if you’re actually hungry- have a snack!

Here are my tips to conquer those cravings!

1. Drink tea.

I swear by this one. Green tea has so many health benefits and helps to calm me while I’m studying. It also is perfect for this time of year because it has been so stink’n cold out! Find some tea flavors you like and brew some up when the desire to eat even though you aren’t hungry strikes. I love yogi brand, celestial (esp their holiday flavors- sugar cookie, peppermint stick, vanilla cranberry- YUM). My two favorite flavors have to be yogi brand Blueberry slim life and Carmel Apple Snack tea. So GOOD.

2. Chew some gum

I often chew gum after dinner- mostly because I am almost always studying or doing homework at night and it helps me focus. It was also help you beat those cravings!

3. Meditation

If you are super stressed from work, school, family life, friends, etc. it can affect your desire to eat at night! If you are feeling overwhelmed, take 5-10 minutes to meditate. I use the calm app on my phone and it works like a charm!

4. Drink H2O or some Crystal Light

Feeling like you need something to eat even though you know you can’t possibly be hungry? You could be dehydrated! Drink some water. Or, if you can drink some crystal light if you are having a major sweet tooth! I know crystal light isn’t the healthiest because of that fake sugar/artificial sweetener, which is why I try not to drink it too much. I don’t drink soda, fruit juice, etc. so this is ok for me in moderation!

What tips do you have for kicking those night time cravings? Do you just let it ride out or give in?

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