Friday Favs: Fitness, Food, Friends & Blogging Update

Happy Friday! Today is a great day for me for many of reasons. (This was 2 Fridays ago, oops!)

  1. I have no exams today.
  2. I don’t start class until noon. (Shoutout to the professor who couldn’t make it and recorded his lecture!).
  3. I am about to head to the gym and then to yoga #doublewin
  4. I don’t have any exams next week, so I get to live it up this weekend and have some relaxation time.
  5. I am going to a Brewers game tonight. Yay sports! (really, I’m just there for the tailgating and social fun)

Welp, I didn’t get too far on this post this morning, but now I’m back (procrastinating getting ready) to finish this post!

I got in an amazing workout this morning with a 45 minute spin workout, followed by an hour bootcamp class at Yoga Six. Hot yoga just so happens to be my favorite workout as of late (although nothing can really battle my love for running).

*Spoken in Spongebob Voice*

Oh Hey- here I am again, finishing this post 2 weeks later – yikes! Am I really that busy that it takes me two weeks to finish a blog post? Yes and no. I have a decent amount more free time than last semester, but I have not been spending it on my blog. Honestly I could spend an hour or so on my blog each night, but that would equal one less hour of sleeping, studying, exercising, etc. per day. For me, I would rather be out there living a healthy life than sitting behind my computer writing about one. That being said, I do want to put more time and effort into my blog, but it does fall toward the bottom of my priority list. I hope to get out better, high quality content,and more recipes with better photography as time goes on. That being said, I apologize for infrequent posts. One of my main goals with this blog as I move forward is to share how to implement a healthy plant-based lifestyle into a busy schedule. I want to show the world that a gluten-free vegan diet can be fun, simple & delicious (plus save you money!).

Oh, and if you were wondering how my Friday was two weeks ago- it was fabulous. I got amazing workouts in, had a great time at the baseball game, and went out downtown after.

Back to the original purpose of this post……Fitness & Foodie favorites!

Here’s what I’m loving lately:

Yoga Six: Boot Camp Class

Now, I have been loving all of the classes at Yoga Six (although really nothing compares to Core Power IMO), but i have been especially loving the boot camp class. The class focus mainly on strength training with cardio and core work mixed in. The instructors do a great job of incorporating full body exercises and it is the perfect degree of difficulty for me. I feel like I am pushing myself, but I don’t feel like I am going to completely die while doing it.

Favorite healthy yet sweet snack: Love Grown Food’s Power O’s

Y’all – if you have not tried any of Love Grown Foods products, you are seriously missing out. This cereal is made with beans, lightly sweetened, and gluten free & vegan of course. What more could you want? (besides sliced banana on top ?!?). Seriously, Go buy these.

Favorite Quote:

In honor of Earth day- a quote by Wendell Berry. I just love this quote so much- so simple, yet so true. I think it is so important to treat our planet right by minimizing waste, eating a plant based-vegan diet, and learning how to minimize our carbon footprint. Earth Day is just a great holiday all around, and I think people should think about how blessed we are to live on this planet more often than just one day a year. Earth Day should be every day!

Favorite way to recover after long runs:

Grapefruit orange nuun, foam rolling, & legs up the wall stretching! Oh my goodness, I have never done legs up the wall before a few weeks ago and it has helped my recovery tremendously! Of course I do my legs up the wall stretch with my Pro Compression socks on. Pro Compression socks are also ideal with my recovery.

Favorite feel good smile:

Spending time with my amazing friends over the weekend. Shoutout to Lauren & Hannah if you are reading this- miss you guys bunches! I always love when I get the chance to see my best friends from middle school/ high school/ college/ lifelong. We made food and sangria, and ate off of two stacked storage containers like all adults do (#adulthood). We also put a phone on the top of my refrigerator to get this photo – another true sign of adulthood. We went out downtown, played darts, danced & had a fan-freaking-tastic time. Aren’t life long friends just the best?!?

I hope you enjoyed getting a little more insight into my life as of late. I hope to incorporate more of my life into my blog along with some delicious recipes as i move forward.

In the comments let me know what you have been loving lately! Also, did you watch spongebob as a kid? Which one was your favorite episode??

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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