Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream Review

Super excited to review Halo Top Creamery & let me readers know how fabulous it is! First, I want to thank Halo Top for letting me try out their healthy ice cream! Halo Top has been my favorite product to review thus far & I am officially hooked.

First, a little background on Halo Top for those of you that are new to their products:

Halo top is a low calorie (240-280 cals per pint- holla!), low sugar (4 g/serving, 16 whole pint), low fat (2 g/serving, 8 whole pint), and high in protein (6 g/serving, 24 g whole pint). At only 60 cals/ serving, this ice cream can be enjoyed any time of day guilt-free!

This ice cream is all natural, free of artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, growth hormones, and is vegetarian friendly! The ingredient list is also much shorter than any other ice cream I have seen on the market. If you pick up your average pint at the grocery store, there will likely be 2-3x the amount of ingredients (or more!).

The flavors that Halo Top comes in are lemon cake, vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry. They also just recently came out with new flavors which sounds AMAZEBALLS! They are mint chip, chocolate mocha chip, and birthday cake. Unfortunately, my whole foods only had the original flavors, but I am hoping that they get the new flavors in soon because the mint chip & chocolate mocha chip are calling my name! Mint chip is one of my favorite flavors, along with coffee ice cream, so those two are right up my alley.

So…what flavors did I choose to try????

Vanilla Bean & Lemon Cake!

The Verdict: Both were AMAZING!! I really can’t decide which flavor that I liked better.

Vanilla Bean:

What I love about Halo Top is that their ice cream is super firm! I know some people like ice cream to be soft but I have always liked it to be very frozen. i have never been a fan of soft serve ice cream. The vanilla bean flavor was so stinking delicious. Some people may think that vanilla ice cream is boring, but this one was bursting with flavor! I think that there is a huge difference between plain vanilla & vanilla bean. The vanilla bean flavor was stronger than any other vanilla bean ice cream that I have had before.

When I tried the vanilla bean, I was trying to think of what topping would go well with it. It was delicious on its own, but I wanted to add a little #halotopper to it. After tasting it I instantly knew what to go with. My Love Grown Foods Cinnamon Apple Walnut GF granola! These two healthy products made a perfect pair!

If you look closely you can see the little vanilla bean specks in the ice cream! The granola I topped it with is amazing & has some coconut shreds in it which tasted fabulous with the ice cream.

Now on to the Lemon Cake Flavor:

I have never had lemon ice cream before so I was super excited to try this one! I cracked the lemon cake open first & boy oh boy, it did not disappoint. The lemon flavor wasn’t overbearing, and it was still deliciously creamy. I ate the lemon cake without toppings both times I had it, and it was amazing! I was going to top it with some blueberries, but we were out at my house, so I decided to just eat it sans-topping. I would buy this again and again and again! The flavor isn’t too sweet and does not taste artificial one bit (because its not, DUH!) However, sometimes fruit flavored ice creams  can taste a bit different than actual fruit, but this was on point.

Overall, I was super impressed with this ice cream. The flavors were absolutely delicious and taste so different than any other ice cream I’ve ever tried. I normally don’t eat ice cream because it is so heavy, dense, and leaves me feeling like crap. This ice cream is super light, and has so many nutritional benefits. It also doesn’t leave me feeling bogged down or send me down self-loathe lane. I definitely will be trying the other original flavors & am looking forward to trying the new flavors when they arrive at my Whole Foods! Even though it is a bit pricey, it is often on sale at Whole foods. I have seen it for as low as $3 a pint there and you better believe that when it is that cheap I will be stocking up!!!

Disclaimer: While I did receive coupons for 2 free pints (if you know me you know how much I love free stuff), all opinions & thoughts are my own. I truly enjoy their products and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be buying some more soon (aka already got more today #noshame #noguilt). Go check out your local Whole Foods today and/or go to www.halotop.com to find the store nearest you that sells it! Seriously. Go. Right now. You will not regret it!

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