#MadewithChobani Mango-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bars

Hold up. Summer isn’t over just yet! At least not until after you have made these frozen yogurt pops.

First things first- how cute is my pup? He just got a hair cut so he looks totally different! He’s usually a huge fluff ball with tons of hair, but he got his yearly haircut a couple days ago. I’m sure he’s loving not being super hot with all that fur! He’s also lovin’ these froyo pops 🙂

Who loves frozen yogurt more than I do??? Okay probably lots of people. Especially my sister. So, why not share a delicious homemade frozen yogurt bar?? I have teamed up with Chobani to create this delicious recipe for my readers as part of the #madewithchobani series. The promotion encourages cooks/bakers/bloggers to create healthy recipes using Chobani yogurt. There are so many different chobani products, flavors, and styles of yogurt that makes it easy to find a kind/flavor that works in any recipe! Using greek yogurt in place of butter, oil, sour cream. etc. is a great way to lighten up many recipes without sacrificing flavor.

I was wandering around target the other day and came across some popsicle molds and instantly knew that I wanted to buy them to make some frozen yogurt pops! While Red Mango froyo is delicious, it can get quite expensive & unhealthy with all of those candy toppings! (buy hey everything in moderation). This is a cheap recipe that can be made quickly and help satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

I decided to make these using the pineapple coconut simply 100 chobani to make these. I wanted to create bars that had 2 flavors in them because 1. blogging/ instagram pics 2. thats just how I roll.


All you need for this recipe is 2 containers of simply 100 pineapple coconut chobani, 1 mango, and about 10-12 strawberries.

To make these pops, peel & chop 1 mango and add it to a blender with 1 container of the yogurt. Then blend it up really good and pour it into your popsicle molds about 1/2 way up. I used a 4-mold popsicle container for these and had a little bit left over. Then clean out your blender and mix together the strawberries and yogurt. Then pour the mixture into the upper half of the molds. Put the popsicle stick ends in and freeze for a few hours or until frozen solid! BAM! Finished! Super easy, delicious, gluten free, healthy, and all that jazz.

One last shot: so refreshing!

What is your favorite flavor of froyo??? Are you more of a fruity or a chocolate/vanilla type of person?? What is your favorite chobani?? let me know in the comments!

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