BGB Secret Santa PLUS Last Minute Gift Guide

Happy Friday! Can you believe Christmas is exactly 1 week from today?? If you are a last minute shopper like me, it can be difficult to find great gifts for people. If you have not purchased all of your gifts yet, don’t fret! I am gonna let you in on the best last-minute gifts for all of the people in your life.

Today is also super exciting for 2 other reasons. 1. I am sharing my Secret Santa reveal from the #BGBCOMMUNITY secret Santa 2. I have finished finals and my first semester of dental school!!

First up: The BGB Secret Santa

I am so glad that I joined this awesome community of bloggers. Everyone is flippin awesome and most are health/fitness bloggers which is so cool. Big thanks to Georgie and Christina for setting this whole thing up!!

Somehow I really hit the jackpot & received 2 gifts! Not sure how that happened, but hey- I’m not complaining!

My first gift was from Kaitlin Fuelling over at California Endless Summer ! She sent me a super cute journal and a California dish towel. The journal will definitely come in handy because I somehow do not have a journal for my blogging ideas. What kind of blogger am I? I started writing down all of the Christmas recipe inspiration in it, so I am super excited to create some new dishes for you guys!

The dish towel is almost too cute to use! I don’t want to get it all stained and dirty, so right now I am using it just for “show”- ha! I have never been to California, so this towel was super cool. Thanks again Kaitlin for the gifts!!!

The fun doesn’t stop there because I got another gift! It actually arrived at my house after I was already back at school following thanksgiving break, so my mom opened it for me and sent me photos of it.

I got all of these awesome goodies from Kirsten Platto over at Lady and the Routine ! She sent me an LED safety light- which comes in handy since I live in the city and it is often dark when I’m out and about (damn daylight savings time). Now I can run earlier in the morning/ in the afternoon and have a little bit light! She also sent me a really cute bracelet, a journal (MORE IDEAS- YAY!!!) and some extra dark chocolate (yay vegan chocolate!). I am totally going to use that dark chocolate in a recipe in the next week (thinking about some chocolate-coconut macaroons or homemade mint patties !).

Thanks again to Kirsten and Kaitlin! Want to check out what I gifted?? The receiver of my gift was Gretchen over at Gretch Runs. Go check out what I gave her (hint hint- fitness gear) and stick around for her running and healthy lifestyle posts!


Time for more gift inspiration! What to get for those in your life that are into health & fitness (or maybe even not so much) when you only have 1 week to shop. Christmas creeped up on me this year (doesn’t it always??) and when you have less than 1 week, online shopping doesn’t always turn out so good.

Here’s some gifts that are easy to find, are pretty cheap (you know I’m all about that frugal life), and will please the health enthusiasts in your life.

  1. For the foodie who loves the finer things in life like vanilla maple almond butter and specialty cold pressed juices- Whole Foods Gift Card. I think i have asked for a whole foods gift card the past 3 Christmases and they always come in handy. I use them to buy things for myself that I wouldn’t normally spend money on like organic dried figs and dairy-free ice cream 🙂
  2. Workout gear – If you are into exercising- whether it be running, weight-lifting, yoga, etc. – you can never have too much active wear. I think the majority of my closet is made up of active wear (well that and scrubs ;)). Places like Kohls. target, and T.J. max have awesome active wear for great prices! I love workout tank tops and cropped leggings for the gym!

One of my favorite workout brands is Nike- Kohls always has some great deals on their stuff and you won’t have to pay full price!

3. For the person in your life who loves going to workout classes- A Class Pass/ Fit Pass from Groupon! You can find some amazing deals for yoga studios, cross fit, kickboxing, pilates, and boot camps on groupon at discounted rates. I would love to get one of those passes and I am sure that the fitness lover in you life would too! Best thing about this gift is you don’t even have to leave your house or worry about it arriving on time.

For example-there is a deal for 1 week of unlimited yoga near me for only $14 ! That would be perfect for someone looking to try out a new yoga studio!

4. For the busy-bee that is on the run from the gym to work, to home- a cute gym bag! OR- since the new year is right around the corner- a new cute planner would be awesome too!

I love cute planners like this with inspirational quotes/ sayings on it! I love that it is loose bound with rings too- supa cute!

I love both of these gym bags! I actually don’t have a gym bag currently- it is one of those things that I am too cheap to buy so I just shove everything in my backpack instead.

5. Lastly- for the person in your life who loves trying new healthy foods (I mean who doesn’t love that??)- a Fitsnack (or other healthy snack box) subscription! I have a 50% your first fit snack box link for all of my lovely readers!  Follow my link  😉 Tis the season right??

What I wanna know from YOU: Do you participate in Secret Santa?? What are your go-to last minute gifts?? Which item from my list would you want to get most?? How are you getting into the holiday spirit this year??

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