Friday Fitness Favorites

Oh yeah the triple F. I have been finding more new health foods/products/blogs to follow lately so I though I would share them with you so that you can check them out too!

First up: fav health related article:

Top 10 Reasons Being Strong and Healthy Makes Life More Awesome

This article is from Popsugar, which I always love to read/peruse because they have awesome recipes, workout ideas, and healthy living tips/inspiration. This article was so on point and highlights the benefits of being healthy & fit. SO. MANY. ENDORPHINS. ALL.THE.TIME. Seriously. Check it out.

Fav running inspo:

Simple, to the point, yet gives ya that extra push to get out the door & kick some ass!

Fav Vegan Food Blog:

Emilie Eats !

I recently came across Emilie’s blog and I have been loving her content! She has amazing vegan recipes that are plant based and look super delicious. I can’t wait to start trying some of her recipes after I finally get to the grocery store tomorrow (eeeeeek so excited about stocking my apt up with food).

Fav fitness product:

My fit desk of course! I am all about productivity and getting the most bang for my buck (and time). I am obsessed with my fit desk. Check out my Review of the Fit Desk Bike & How I combat sitting all day

This bike is awesome for students (especially grad students/med/dental), people with sedentary desk jobs, etc. It is an investment in your health and I highly suggest considering it!

Fav healthy breakfast:

While this may not be one of my all-time favorite breakfasts, this breakfast was nice to switch it up. I was able to find some gluten free, vegan bread from vita cost that is low in calories. It is so difficult to find gluten free bread that is not made with egg whites, is high in calories, or contains a bunch of additives. This kind of bread is light tapioca bread and is pretty decent. I would not buy it again just because I am not a huge bread person overall, and gluten free bread isn’t that great tasting anyway, so I would rather spend my money on other food. But- this was pretty good! This bread only has 45 calories per slice (even though the slices are very tiny) while most gluten free breads of this size have 70-100 cals for a tiny piece of bread! That is crazy to me. So, this is some bread toasted in my oven (because I am classy like that), spread with PB2, sliced apple, and some kiwi on the side. I have been loving kiwi lately and can’t wait to get more at the store!

What are your favorite healthy workouts, foods, quotes, articles/ blogs? Let me know in the comments! You know I am always on the hunt for new health foods, products, and workouts!

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