WIAW: Eating Half a Watermelon + Burrito Bowls & Veggies

IDK why y’all like seeing what I eat in a day so much, but these posts have quickly become some of my most popular. I guess I can’t blame you- I love seeing what other people eat too! It always gives me inspirations for new dishes/ healthy meal ideas. My meals are centered around plants consisting of lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans/legumes.

I love WIAW because it cultivates relationships with others through food. It can start a conversation about new products, meal ideas, etc. Jen from Peas & Carrots started with whole thing- she’s a genius. And special thanks to Arman for hosting 🙂

half watermelon

For breakfast I had half of a watermelon. Yep 1/2 of a full sized watermelon (though it was on the small side). This was a different type of watermelon too- you know those ones that are dark green on the outside without any stripes? Thats what this was. It actually wasn’t as sweet as normal watermelons, but it could have just been this particular watermelon. Who knows.


For lunch I had some of this Raw Zucchini Corn Salad that I made. I wish I would have gotten some better photos of it because it is SO easy and delicious and I think you guys would love it. I think Ill have to make it again and post the recipe 🙂


I also had half of a cantaloupe and a little bit more watermelon!


For dinner I had one of my signature burrito bowls! I never get tired of these. This was brown rice, kidney beans, green bell pepper, corn, onion, and spices on top of a bed of spinach and topped with chopped tomatoes. After this photo was taken I dumped a truckload of Jalapeño Cilantro salsa on top. I buy Frontera brand jarred salsas and in my opinion they have some of the best jarred salsa around. I think Tostitos salsa tastes like crap but haven’t found a Frontera salsa flavor that I didn’t like!

And that rounded out my eats for the day! I try to eat enough at each meal to last me until the next time I’ll be eating since I am in class/lab/clinic during the day and can’t always have a snack.

What are your go-to healthy meals? Mine is obviously a burrito bowl.

How much watermelon can you eat in one sitting??

What have you been eating lately?

Let me know below!


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  1. I love watermelon this time of year.

    The hardest thing is to cook in this heat!

    1. Me too! nothing better than juicy watermelon on a hot day!

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