Motivation Monday: How to stay Healthy during the Holidays

Happy Monday! I only have 2 days of class this week before I get to go home for thanksgiving- woo! Never have I been more excited to go home in my life, or to get a few days off school. With the Holiday season upon us, I decided to share my tips on how I stay healthy and motivated to workout this time of year! These tips are so simple and easy to implement because I think healthy living really is simple! Ward off those unwanted holiday pounds by trying some of my tips!

Schedule your Workouts

This is so important if you are someone who always seems to “not have time” to workout. Well, I am here to tell you that YOU DO HAVE TIME. Look ahead at your week and see what time of the day will be best for you to workout each day. I always do this and it really helps me to stay on a good workout schedule. You can literally schedule them into your planner, phone, or just make a mental note. Make sure to keep to your workouts- if that means joining up with a friend, scheduling a class, or setting an alarm on your phone- find a way to hold yourself accountable.

Number 2: Bring a Healthy Dish to Holiday Gatherings

This is something that usually try to do when I go to family gathering that are not held at my house. Most Holiday gatherings in my family involve minimal amounts of healthy/gluten free/ vegan food so I will eat something before hand and then bring along a delicious salad or veggie dish. This will ensure that you have something to eat at the party and help you to resist any junky/unhealthy food. If you want a healthy holiday dish to bring, try my pomegranate avocado lentil salad!

Number 3: Have a healthy snack before you go to a Holiday Party

This is probably one of the best things you can do before going to a party where you know there will be lots of decadent sweets, treats, and appetizers. If you show up to a party starving you will be more likely to cave and eat something you would not normally eat. Some of my favorite things to eat before Holiday parties are apples, veggies & hummus, bananas, or a smoothie. When hunger strikes and you see that delicious dessert table full of christmas cookies, pie, and brownies, they will be a lot harder to resist.

Number 4: Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is important year round, but especially important in the winter in harsh temps strike. I love the spa water combos above and have tried most of these. My favorite combo is the lemon, cucumber, and mint- so delicious! Drinking lots of water and tea helps to keep my skin healthy and hydrated during the winter months. Drinking water is also important for digestion. Also, many people can mistake thirst for hunger, so make sure to keep a refillable water bottle on you at work, school, home etc. to keep your water intake up!

Tip 5: Add more activity to your Day

Don’t make your dog shovel your snow- get out there are do it yourself!

The winter months in the U.S usually result in less movement overall. Who wants to leave their house in below zero temps or when it is blizzard-ing outside? Not me. Find small ways other than hitting the gym to add more movement to your day such as holiday shopping, cleaning the house, putting up christmas decorations, yoga, shoveling snow, etc. Get creative!

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?? Do you live somewhere warm and don’t have to worry about cold temps? Let me know below!

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