Most Popular Arabica Varieties

Arabica whole bean coffee is the most valuable type for modern industry. In the world volume of produced coffee, up to 70% occupies a leading position in sales. And that is all thanks to the exquisite taste and wonderful aroma. The number of varieties of Arabian tree used in production counts over 40 types.

Arabica Varieties

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The mother of all types of whole bean coffee was Typica. It originally grew in Ethiopia and later spread around the world. The taste is Typica is sweet and pure. The berries of this type of coffee are of high quality. The only downside was the low yield. The first recorded (natural) mutation of Typica gave the world no less popular Arabica variety - Bourbon.


The second most popular variety of Arabica is Bourbon, named after the French island where local farmers first discovered it. It is famous for its higher yields, but unlike Typica, it is more susceptible to plant disease. The taste of Bourbon is a mix of complex acidity, the sweetness of caramel, and fruit notes. Typica and Bourbon became the founders of almost all other types of coffee.


Caturra is a somewhat ambiguous variety of Arabica. The coffee trees will produce quality berries, but the poor harvest. And from the plantations located in the lowlands, you can collect a good harvest, but the quality will suffer. Caturra coffee will also be light but with a confident citric acid.


Maragogype is also in demand. This whole bean coffee is a naturally occurring mutation of Brazilian Typica. Its main feature is the largest leaves and berries. The tree grows in the highlands and gives low yields. People love it for its floral-citrus notes.


Geisha coffee is a double-edged stick. On the one hand, its production is an expensive, complex, and inefficient process: this variety is highly susceptible to disease, and the harvest is poor. But the unique taste makes people grow it again and again. The taste of Geisha resembles the taste of jasmine tea, which is complemented by notes of citrus, flowers, and bergamot.


Mocha is the result of another Arabica mutation. This variety is characterized by the smallest berries and complex bouquets of chocolate, floral, and spicy notes. The strong taste of Mocha has a pronounced sharpness, which distinguishes this variety from others.

Blue Mountain

This is a unique mutation of Typica that grows in the mountains of Jamaica. According to its name, Blue Mountain easily grows in the highlands. The best samples give a soft, clean, bright taste and no bitterness. The aroma has sweet floral tones, and the taste has notes of cocoa, nuts, spices, and even cream. All these factors together form one of the most popular products and the high cost.

Arabica Kopi Luwak

This coffee is costly and extremely rare. Coffee lovers appreciate Kopi Luwak for its unique taste and fragrant aroma. Indeed, sniffing the flap of the package, even an inexperienced nose will feel the richness and variety of smells of coffee beans. It is believed that it has its original taste due to a very unusual way of fermenting coffee beans and collecting them.

Over the last half-century, the demand for whole bean coffee has grown many times over. At the same time, scientists and farmers have become even more advanced in studying coffee varieties. More and more hybrids are appearing, incorporating only the best qualities of ancestors - excellent taste, high yields, resistance to sudden changes in weather, pests, and diseases.

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