Subway Coupons for the Inveterate Foodie

This goes without saying that burger and pizza joints have become popular in the urban cityscape across countries. While most popular with the youngsters who prefer a heavy brunch (consider the chunks of meat in hamburgers), the pizza is appearing in various experimental forms to appeal to the foodies. While the pineapple pizza called for quite an outrage among the citizens, it also made sure that the Italian dish stays in news and does not give its place away to a fancy food item.

The Discounts

It is a historical fact that foodies do not feel quite as guilty of eating out more often as much as they feel guilty about spending a lot of money while eating out. The food joints have not undermined this psychology and have worked out a fantastic plan. With the MySubwayCard , foodies can now claim hefty discounts at the joints that they are loyal to. This serves as a good means to save money on the part of the foodie. The restaurants too profit from this because they would be gaining more and more customers due to this masterstroke. Further,

  • If we look at the case further closely, we can see that the claiming of discounts has had more effect on the youngsters because they prefer the UPI apps while paying for their food. The UPI apps offer a further discount to the items, thus bringing down the price of the item considerably. *
  • The user base of this facility has increased considerably with the home delivery options, and the delivery chains to add their share of discount to the food items.


While speaking of advertisement strategies, some companies have had made unbelievable offers. For instance, a well-known pizza and burger joint had once offered 200 pizzas per year (lifetime) to the subscribers if they made a tattoo of the company’s logo on any visible part of the body. The offer became a rage, and the company claimed that the limit of 1000 subscribers was soon met. While this went over the top, discount coupons can be very helpful for people who actually want to have a brunch or a snack at affordable prices. If one looks at the price of the food items with the corresponding food value, the price of the double-decker sandwich that is specially made for meat lovers comes down to an affordable value. Since the price comes within affordable means, the foodies come to the joints more frequently, thus contributing to the total revenue that the joint is generating.

Many joints have the policy of offering combo meals that presupposed that couples would be encouraged to come together to explore the food menu. The supposition is not quite wrong because couples do frequent cafes and joints more if they get a decent discount off their order.

The Combos

The joints make sure that the combo items are sumptuous enough to be popular among the target customers. If we have to draw an example, we can cite the example of the baked momos and the thukpas that the restaurants offer. The hot thukpas with the vegetable stock filled with chicken extracts and flavoured with cheese makes it irresistible for the youngsters. Likewise, the spicy concoction that the baked momos are dipped in does not let the youngsters think twice before they make a call.


It is thus understandable why foodies prefer one joint to another, and this factor should give the other joints a valuable insight into customer psychology. To conclude on a note of caution, the joints should not compromise on quality while they offer hefty discounts. This might cause a severe health concern and is extremely undesirable.

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