WIAW: Eating Half a Watermelon + Burrito Bowls & Veggies

half watermelon

IDK why y'all like seeing what I eat in a day so much, but these posts have quickly become some of my most popular. I ...

Amita Health & Fitness Rollerblading Marathon Race Recap + Weekend happenings


Yes I did participate in a rollerblading marathon. Yes it was 26.2 miles of rollerblading in sweltering hot weather. ...

Cauliflower Kale Detox Salad


I never understand people that don't like salads. I mean maybe they are eating the boring iceberg lettuce, tomato, ...

WIAW: Detox the Natural Way


Happy Wednesday! Today I am going to share what I eat in a day when I feel like I need a little nutritional reset/ ...

Vegan Food in Nashville + a Nashville Recap


Heyo! Long time no blog :0. I haven't been putting as much time/ effort into my blog this summer and I am working on ...

Top 10 Sources of Plant Based Protein


Wait...you're vegan? But how do you get your protein?? ........ Virtually every single person i have talked to ...

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