WIAW: Sushi, Broccoli Tacos & Muffins

Happy Wednesday! I love sharing what a day of eats looks like for me, and today I am sharing yesterday’s (Tuesday) eats. What I ate Wednesday is NOT about judgement, comparison, or negativity. Instead it is about sharing delicious food, and inspiring others to try new foods/ food combinations they may have never thought of. Jen from Peas & Crayons started this whole party, and now us food bloggers get to join in. If there’s a party that revolves around food, then I’m in. Especially if its delicious, healthy food.

I ate a TON yesterday. Probably because this was the day after my long run which is usually when I am hungriest. On the day of my long run I usually spend so much time exercising/ getting ready to run that I don’t eat as much. I make sure to make up for that the next day as I am usually hungry pretty much all day.

Yesterday I started my day with 2 of my Banana Apple Quinoa Oat Muffin and some coffee. Then I headed to Corepower yoga for a C2 hot power yoga class. This class was pretty challenging. I had sweat pouring off every inch of my body- including my shins. I am not sure that my shins have ever sweat before, but hey- there’s a first time for everything. I think my tightness and soreness from my long run had something (ok a lot) to do with the difficulty of this class for me. I loved it, though. Hot yoga has become one of my favorite workouts. I love the Corepower really makes you work hard during class and my body is always shaking by the end. I am going to miss these classes when I go back to school 🙁

After I got back from yoga, I showered and then had a proper breakfast of some gluten free quick oats, cinnamon, chia seed, vanilla extract, coconut sugar, banana, and strawberries. Oats are definitely a food that I cannot live without.

I was still hungry a little bit after breakfast. Not surprised by this one bit (bc when am I not hungry these days??). I had some delicious grapes.

For lunch I made some delicious carrot-cucumber-avocado brown rice sushi. I dipped it in some Thai peanut sauce & tamari. I can’t get enough of this combo. I also ate lots of cucumber and carrots as I made my sushi.

Dinner was broccoli artichoke tacos with a spicy red pepper sauce. While I was cooking dinner I snacked on some carrots & white bean hummus (not pictured). I also had a little bit of leftover mexican quinoa salad with my dinner (also not pictured).

After dinner snack was- you guessed it, another 2 Banana Apple Quinoa Oat muffins. I originally made these muffins for my mom, but ended up eating most of them (sorry mom!). Girls gotta eat, am I right??

I’m sure I ate something else that I don’t remember but this rounds out my day!

When are you most hungry after a long run?

Do you ever feel like a bottomless pit?

Would you eat my day’s worth of eats?

Have you ever made homemade sushi?

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