WIAW: A Day in My life when I’m not in School

Happy WIAW! First, thank you to Jen over at Peas & Crayons for starting this whole phenomenon and bringing bloggers together with food. Additional thanks to Arman at The Big Man’s World for hosting!

Wednesday has rolled around again but this time I am sharing what a typical day looks like for me when I am not in dental school (which is rare!). I’m currently on a three week break and have been spending some time at home. I don’t know why but I love reading “day in the life” style posts from other bloggers. I think it helps me get to know the person behind the blog a bit better. I should be spending some time studying for our national boards exam, but I haven’t really been feeling it. LOL. Who would be? We were in school all summer- the last thing I want to do is study my entire break away. So far I have totaled 1 hr of study time. 1 whopping hour. Well- I tried.

This is a day in my life from Tuesday. I managed to photograph all of the food I ate yesterday besides some watermelon that I ate while prepping my lunch.

When I woke up in the morning I rolled over and checked the time on my phone- 8:30- yay! I successfully slept in. I head downstairs and make myself some coffee w/ almond milk and drink about 32 ounces of water. I read blogs for a bit and watched a youtube video. I was watching MommyTang- she does Vegan Mukbangs where she makes delicious food, eats, and chats. I don’t know what it is about her but she always has me watching. If you have some spare time I recommend checking out her channel!


Next I made breakfast aka the best meal of the day! I love breakfast food – smoothies, oats, fruit, and sweet potatoes are some of my favorites. I decided to make a smoothie bowl. I actually usually just make regular smoothies because I like to drink them with a straw but today I decided to switch it up.

This smoothie bowl was made using 3 small frozen bananas, a few leaves of kale, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vega vanilla protein & greens and blended everything together. I transferred it to a bowl and topped it with 1/3 of a sliced banana, chia seeds, and peanut butter powder!

Of course after getting pictures for instagram I gave everything a good mix together so the whole smoothie bowl was peanut-buttery.

After breakfast I worked on my blog for a bit, read more blogs, cleaned the house, and made a new running playlist. Then I was off for a run! I did a 1.5 warm up, 1.5 mile tempo, 8x100m sprints (trying to improve my turnover!),some drills, and a 1.5 mile easy run back home. Nothing too crazy. I am still kind of nursing some injuries/nitches since the marathon back in May. I don’t think I gave my body enough time to fully recover so I have little things flare up here and there. Hopefully I will be good to go in about a month when I’m supposed to do a half. Fingers crossed!

Foam Rolling saves Lives

After my run I foam rolled for about 15 minutes while watching Teen Mom OG. I am surprised that show is still on T.V.! I am trying to foam roll after every run/even more to help prevent injury. I think getting new shoes will help with injury prevention as well! I am loving my new Asics. I got fitted for them at the Naperville Running Company and they watched me run on the treadmill to help me find the best shoe. This is actually a model that I have never used before- the gt3000. I learned that these shoes are only sent to specialty running shops. If you are an loyal Asics purchaser, I highly recommend checking this model out!

After foam rolling, I chiled for a bit, showered, and then made lunch. I have been loving sweet potato toast lately so I decided to have that! I made some with pb2, banana, chia seeds, and cinnamon. The others were topped with garlic hummus, spring mix, peeled carrot, tomato, and avocado. Of course the avocado ones were sprinkled with black pepper. garlic powder, and a pinch of sea salt. Is there any other way to do it??

I snacked on a bit of watermelon while I made my sweet potato toast! I didn’t snag a photo of that, so here’s another photo of watermelon I have (the only thing I didn’t manage to take a pic of!- good thing i have lots of watermelon photos!).

After my late lunch my sister and I went to TJmaxx to hopefully find a new top and return an old one. Well I didn’t have my receipt and we found diddly squat. Tjmaxx has been disappointing me lately.

We made a quick stop at the bank and Whole Foods on our way to the yoga studio I have been going to while home. They have tons of hot yoga classes plus multiple bootcamp classes every day. I having been LOVING IT. Yesterday I went to a vinyasa class with my favorite yoga teacher ever. EVER. She is better than any other teacher than any studio I have been to. She actually also teaches at Core Power Yoga so I was first introduced to her when I took classes there.

She worked us so hard. We did so many chaturangas, one legged planks, chair poses, and core work. Yesterdays class goes down as the most difficult yoga class i have ever been to. It was the good kind of difficult though. I left a puddle of sweat on my mat and needed to ring out both my top and bottom. My fingers even started to prune, Seriously. If you could have seen the amount of sweat- you would have thought I jumped in a pool with all of my clothes on. Even my new sticky/grippy mat couldn’t help me out last night.

After yoga I took a quick shower (shower #2 of the day) and made dinner. Side note- if you are someone who works out multiple times a day do you shower a ton? How do you keep your hair nice?

Anyway- I had some leftover tex-med style beans and rice (the recipe I use for my burrito bowls) so I decided to have some tacos. I wanted something quick so the leftovers came in clutch! I quickly warmed some corn tortillas in the oven along with a couple leaves of kale. I have been loving cooked kale lately. After a few minutes the corn shells were beginning to get a little crispy and the kale was soft. I reheated the rice mixture, and began to assemble the tacos.

This is a horrible quality photo, but these tacos were so good! The lighting was pretty janky since it was pushing 8 p.m. by the time I ate (I usually like to eat way earlier).

Taco Tuesdays

This is how I made these tacos:

First I spread some garlic hummus on the tortillas (bc hummus is lyfe).

Next add the cooked/wilty kale.

Add the beans and rice (I can post my exact recipe for this if you guys want it!).

Top with 1/4-1/3 of a sliced avocado.

Add green salsa verde – Frontera & Salpica have amazing jarred salsas!


What does your day look like when you have time off from school/work?

Do you have a brand of running shoes that you are loyal to or do you switch it up?

What are your favorite smoothie bowl toppings???

Let me know in the comments!

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