Weekly Training Plan

Some people have asked me how often/ what types of workouts that I do so I decided I would do a post on what a week of training looks like for me. This is the plan I am currently using as I am training for a marathon, but usually it looks something similar to this.


Cross train: 30-45 mins on the Stairmaster

15-20 minutes on the elliptical

10 minutes on the bike (cool down)

Strength Training:

Abs & Triceps (this changes sometimes)


Up Tempo Mid length Run- between 6-10 miles

Stretching & Foam Rolling, Chest & Biceps

Wednesday: Pool workout- 45 mins-1 hr

Thursday: Progressive or Interval Run- Speedwork! Running hard for 5-6 miles

Friday: Similar to Monday- Cross train- combo of stairmaster, bike, and elliptical

Strength: Back & Butt

Saturday: Long Run Saturday! Anywhere between 8-22 miles depending on the week

Sunday: Rest day- walk, yoga, stretching/ foam rolling

This is a standard week for me- It does change slightly depending on what I have going on and how my body feels.

How many days a week do you exercise? Do you have a set plan or just go with the flow at the gym?

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