Whole 30 Recap- Weeks 2 & 3

Whole 30- Weeks 2 and 3!

My Whole 30 has been going amazingly! I have so much energy, my marathon training and workouts have been so strong, and I have been sleeping like a baby. Tomorrow morning will mark day 22 of my whole 30. Now, you’re probably wondering if I have cheated on the super strict rules of this program. I would love to say I have, but I did break it last night and drank alcohol while visiting a friend for her birthday. I know that alcohol isn’t technically allowed on the program, but you’re only 21 once, right? I however, have followed the food guide lines to a T. I am excited to keep moving forward with this program and have really began to learn how much added sugar is in everything! Salad dressings, canned vegetables, dried fruit, pasta sauce, etc. It’s crazy how much more you notice it when you start looking at labels a bit more closely.

Below I am including some of the meals and snacks that I have been eating the past couple weeks. I was super busy with school and mid-terms, so a lot of my meals were scarfed down quickly and I forgot to take photos. I am excited to be home for a week and have more time to experiment in the kitchen! I have lots of healthy delicious meals planned that I will be making for my family like shrimp zoodles and gauc-kale-mole so stay tuned this week!

Mango has become one of my favorite fruits lately. I love how filling they are! I like them juicy, but still firm. I still need to learn how to cut it in half that cool way into cubes with the skin still on- anyone know how to do that?

I made this meal for dinner last week while studying for my midterms. I have really been increasing my training and mileage, so yes it was necessary to have 2 potatoes with dinner. They were super tiny though, this picture doesn’t do them justice of how small they were. I also just think small foods are so cute. I guess that is a bit strange, but whatever! I made a simple side salad and baked a pork chop seasoned with mesquite and smokehouse seasoning.

Anyone who has observed me in the kitchen knows that my two favorite spices are cinnamon and garlic. I put cinnamon on everything- apples,bananas, sweet potatoes, smoothies, toast, oatmeal- you name it. Naturally, I doused my apple in cinnamon and paired it with some pistachios and had it for breakfast.

I ate this as a snack/lunch over the weekend after I did my 13 mile training run. I had eggs and a mango about 2 hours before this, but was starving again after all that running since I didn’t have any food before my run. Some people absolutely need fuel before running, but I usually prefer to run on an empty stomach because I get a lot of cramping/GI issues if I eat too soon before. As I increase my runs I’m sure I will have to eat before and fuel during them. I’m excited to try different fuel sources for my long runs- if you have any recommendations for what you use, send them my way!

I had the meal above for dinner last night! I am going to post the recipe for the pork roast, along with how I cooked the sweet potato and what I use for my salad- so stay tuned!

This meal was lemony-garlic mahi mahi with japaense roasted coconut sweet potatoes with snap peas. Snap peas are probably my favorite vegetable to eat raw. I like them even more than carrots, but they aren’t always on sale. They were only 59 cents a pound a couple weeks ago so I stocked up! I can post the recipe for the fish too later on today for people that are interested.

I tried plantains for the first time about a week ago and I am hooked! These are so good and just cooked with olive oil and salt! So yummy and definitely did not taste like I was expecting!

This is a meal that I like to call “I can’t decide what to eat, so I’m going to have a little bit of everything”. This plate had garlicky roasted potatoes, chicken breast lunch meat, a bosc pear, and some carrots and snap peas.

The final meal here is a breakfast I had last week. I had a 1 egg + 3 egg white omelet made with red onion, green peppers, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I always add a little bit of sea salt to my eggs because I drink so much water and lose a lot of salt through sweating/ exercising. I also had some more green peppers on the side, a couple of pecans, and a small mango. I have been trying to eat more vegetables with my breakfast lately. I’m really good about eating vegetables with dinner and lunch, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the benefits of green veggies, so I’ve been trying to find ways to eat more.

Has anyone else ever done a whole30? What meals did you eat?

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