WIAW: Chickpeas, Burrito bowls & Homemade Guac

I probably (definitely) should be studying right now, but instead I am typing up this post. I am also currently dealing with a bit of a lingering cold that turned into a sore throat so I am going to make this post short & sweet (but full of good eats) before I get back to my studying.


For breakfast I had my classic banana-blueberry oatmeal. I have been loving adding chia seeds instead of ground flax to my oats lately. Chia seeds are such a super food and lucky for me, I love ’em! Of course my oats are also loaded with cinnamon, and sprinkled with coconut sugar.


For lunch I have been loving fresh salads with garbanzo or cannelloni beans on top. I always toss the beans in some garlic powder, curry, chili powder, and turmeric before putting them on my salad. I have been using Whole Foods Health Starts Here Balsamic Dressing for my salads. I love that it is oil free, tastes great, and is super healthy! I have been getting horrible acne whenever I eat nuts or oil, so I have been staying away from both of those at all costs. Also, there aren’t any health benefits of oil, so there really isn’t any reason to consume it.


I almost always need a snack in the afternoon before dinner. I had some carrots and a makeshift homemade guacamole by mashing 1/4 an avocado, lime, garlic, and sea salt.

I was still feeling the mexican food for dinner, so I decided to make a burrito bowl. I made brown rice, and mixed in red onion, corn, black beans, garlic, chili powder, cumin, and paprika. I topped the rice mixture on a bed of greens, then added some avocado, tomato, and avocado.


I had some power O’s with some sliced banana and cashew milk for dessert. I absolutely adore Love Grown Foods and love even more that they make their cereal with beans. I pretty much try to sneak beans into any meal I can, so these are right up my alley.

What is your go-to meal as of late? Do you like using beans in cooking/ desserts? What is your favorite kind of cereal?

4 comments on “WIAW: Chickpeas, Burrito bowls & Homemade Guac”

  1. Cora says:

    Love your idea to mix your beans in spices before plopping on a salad – will have to steal that one!
    Im also loving Mexican. Taco salads are becoming a common occurrence. They are so easy and versatile and you can have all the ingredients ready to go in the fridge for a 5 minute meal. And more excuse for avocado!

    1. It is so easy and makes the dish so much more flavorful! I always have foods for mexican dishes in the fridge too- makes cooking a meal in a pinch so easy!

  2. I tried cashew milk a few months ago and forgot about it until reading your post! It was really good so I’ll have to get it again soon. My latest go-to meal has been Amy’s lentil soup in my dorm room!

    1. I love cashew milk so much! i think I prefer it over almond! And I will have to check out Amy’s soup – I’ve heard good things from her products!

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