WIAW: What I eat in a Lazy Day at Home

What I ate Wednesday – I’m coming at ya another week to give you an idea of what I eat on a typical summer day. My diet becomes even more fruit heavy over the summer because of all of the great fruit that is in season. Thanks to Jen at http://www.peasandcrayons.com for starting this whole trend & Laura at Sprint to the Table for hosting!

Oh hayyyyyyy! Here we are again with another What I ate Wednesday post. This idea really is fun and is great for giving others ideas about healthy food/ meal ideas. In the summer I eat TONS of fruit- like definitely more than the 4-5 servings a day recommended. I love juicy watermelon and fruits that have a high water content. They are just so refreshing in the summer. Plus- I have to take advantage of how affordable fruit is over the summer! During the winter I just eat lots of bananas and apples because everything else is so expensive or not in season.

Anywho- I had a big bowl of fruit for breakfast consisting of some grapes, a peach, and a mango.

For lunch I had a big salad with cucumber, tomato, carrot, red leaf lettuce, red cabbage and some Fig Balsamic dressing from Whole Foods Health Starts Here brand. I paired it with some mediterranean roasted chickpeas and roasted potatoes! It was pretty tasty. This is one of my favorite easy meals to make because it keeps me full and has lots of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs!

Mango for a snack! One of my favorite snacks as of late because it is pretty filling and mangoes are so delicious right now (at least the ones I have gotten are).

For dinner I had a baked potato topped with black pepper, garlic, and sea salt and some salads. I made a blueberry-peach cashew salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette from Whole Foods Health starts here brand as well. I also had my Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad (seriously make it- it is SO easy!) alongside dinner. My parents love this salad (as do I) and it makes eating healthy fun!

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