Top 10 Sources of Plant Based Protein

Wait…you’re vegan? But how do you get your protein?? ……..

Virtually every single person i have talked to asks me that question after I tell them that I am a vegan. What if I told you getting protein on a vegan diet is super easy? It really is! As long as you have a little knowledge on the subject and eat enough calories you will not have to worry about your protein intake!

Since becoming a vegan about a year ago (my vegan-versary is coming up!), I have learned that most people have little knowledge when it comes to actual healthy eating and living. Some people seriously believe that protein only comes from animal products/ meat. Well guess what? Plants have protein too! And lots of it! There are so many awesome plant foods that are filled with protein. Today I am going to break down the foods that give you the most protein per serving. Some of these foods might surprise you!

P.S. – this post was inspired by a text I got from my mom asking about protein. Of course I sent a bunch of info her way on plant based protein sources, but there are so many lists out there I decided to make my own! This is based off of foods that are probably already a part of your diet. If you want to shift to a more plant based diet, try adding more of these in and taking some of the meat and dairy out

Lentils – 1 cup = 18 g  (+ 15 g of fiber!)

Lentils are so versatile and a plant powerhouse when it comes to protein! They go great in soups, stews, and vegan chili. They are also stars in curry recipes and other asian or indian inspired dishes. They make take a couple times of cooking and serving to master so don’t give up! Try my POMEGRANATE AVOCADO LENTIL SALAD

Quinoa 1/2 c= 12 g

Quinoa has been touted as a super grain in the past, and there is good reason for it! It is not only delicious, but gluten free, filled with fiber, and filling! Want to add more quinoa to your diet? Try my THAI PEANUT QUINOA SALAD !

Green Peas 1 c = 8g

Oatmeal/Oats 1/2 c= 7 g

I’m convinced oats are the perfect breakfast. They are packed with fiber, healthy carbs, and protein making them a breakfast of champs! Try my recipe for Vegan Banana Berry Overnight Oats that has a whopping 26g of protein!

Black Beans 1 c= 16 g

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like black beans. Make your own burrito bowls & load in the black beans! Need some inspiration? Check out my DIY MEXICAN BURRITO BOWL

Chickpeas 1 c= 15 g

Chickpeas are the best- and not only because they are used to make hummus. They have been shown to lower glycemic index and have powerful weight loss properties. Pile those babies up! Try my CURRY ROASTED CHICKPEAS for the ultimate protein packed snack!

Edamame 1/2 c = 9g

Edamame is perfect in asian stir fry, as a side sprinkled with sea salt, or in any asian inspired dish. There are also companies that make edamame pasta (edamame + water ground into noodle form) that packs 25 grams of protein!

Tempeh 1 c= 12 g

Tempeh is delicious as a meat replacement in tacos, tastes delicious on salads, or seasoned on its own. Give it a try!

Tofu: 10g per cup (chopped)

If you don’t like tofu, then maybe you aren’t seasoning it right. Tofu absorbs the flavors around it, so if you have sworn off tofu, give it another try but make sure to cook it in a delicious sauce. Try my SPINCY PEANUT TOFU POWER BOWL

Nutritional Yeast 3 tbsp= 12 g

Nutritional yeast- also known as “notch” in the vegan community. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on popcorn, salads, rice and beans, or make a delicious vegan cheese sauce with it! It also is a great source of B12 so check it out!

Were you surprised by any of these foods? What is your favorite source of plant protein? I know there are lots out there, but these are my favorite!

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