Friday Favs: Hot yoga, holistic health & Melissa McCarthy

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is ready to let loose and have a fun weekend! I know I am! Here’s a post on all of my current favorite health, fitness, funnies, and foods.

Fav workout: Hot Yoga


I went to class at Get Hot Yoga on Saturday and loved it. The studio uses dry heat instead of a more wet heat. It was like doing yoga in the sauna. I really enjoyed the class, and hope to take more classes there!


Fav snack: Blueberries


Fruit has always been my go-to snack. It can be hard to find tasty berries during the winter, but I have been getting some delicious ones for great prices. So delicious in fact, that I can’t ever not eat the whole pint in one day #sorrynotsorry


Fav health quote:


I love how true this quote has proven to me. When eating whole-plant based foods, there is no reason to count calories. I mean there really never is a reason to count them in my opinion. I guess if you are trying to lose weight, calorie counting can be helpful, but I just don’t think that it is sustainable. Who wants to be counting calories when they are 70 years old? Not this girl.


Favorite smile:


This picture makes me smile. Having a positive mindset can change your life in so many ways.

Fav laugh:


Melissa McCarthy always makes me laugh. From Gilmore girls to The Heat to Bridesmaids, she never lets me down. I actually find this photo so funny because this is how I feel after a long day of classes- I’m always ready to dash out of there as quickly as possible.


Fav tbt pic:


Style game strong since 1993. My sisters and I loved dressing up when we were younger- especially in my Grandma’s clothes! I think we were pretending to be waitresses.

Fav new meal idea: Buddha Bowls!


I see myself eating many more bowls like this in the future. I love combing a bunch of grains, veggies, starches, and beans in a big bowl and topping it with some sort of sauce. I made Buddha Bowls with a peanut sauce with my friends Liz and Kate (shoutout to you guys if you’re actually reading this) on Saturday night, and it has inspired a few recipes in my head. Hopefully I can do some recipe creation over the next few days/ weeks!


Fav “me in the future” photo:


I think anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that this will likely be me in about 60 years. I am a gym junkie to say the least. #noshame

Holler at me in the comments & let me know either

a) your fav food/ workout/ snack as of late?

b) your fav health related quote

c) your fav Melissa McCarthy movie

d) anything else you feel like telling me

Have a super awesome weekend!

4 comments on “Friday Favs: Hot yoga, holistic health & Melissa McCarthy”

  1. It’s not a movie but I LOVE Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls. She was such a gem! 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Kerri!

    1. Oh gosh me too- I love me some Sooki (sp?? lol)- wouldn’t mind her cooking for me! Hope you have an awesome weekend too!

  2. I LOVE that quote! So true and eating lots of whole, plant-based foods does make calorie counting a lot less practical or necessary!

    1. Me too! I can see where it has its place, but don’t think its necessary for a healthy life!

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