Predicting 2017 Health & Fitness Trend

Predicting 2017 Health & Fitness Trend

Another year is almost in the books! This year has been quite an adventure for me as I finished my first year of dental school and started the second, ran my first ever full marathon, took my national dental boards exam, took trips with family and friends, and so much more. As always, health and fitness has been a top priority of mine (if not the top priority) in 2016, and I am certain that will continue on through 2017 and many more years to come.

There are always many different health and fitness trends that pop over over the course of the year- some ridiculous, some great, truthful, and helpful. 2016 brought with it Fitbits galore, HIIT workouts, fitness boutiques, lululemon everything, cryotherapy, flotation healing, avocado on everything, acai bowls, detox teas, and adopting a minimalistic lifestyle. There were a lot of “trends” that I incorporated into my life this year that will stick for years to come! I jumped on the smoothie bowl bandwagon, did more HIIT/interval workouts than I can count, ate tons of avocados, and tried to downsize my material items.

After thinking back on the health and fitness trends of 2016, I got to thinking about what the health trends will be for 2017. A lot of these predictions are based on some new things that I have been seeing around social media and the health and fitness industry. I think it will be fun to look back on this post a year from now and see how much of it is true!

Here are my predictions:

Plant-Based Diets

Now maybe this is just one that I would like to see happen, BUT I have been seeing more and more people going meatless, increasing their veggie consumption, or cutting out dairy. Whether it is to improve health, the environment, or due less harm to animals, everyone seems to be cutting back on animal products. There has been a lot more information in the media lately on the harmful effects of processed meats/dairy, high fat animal products, and junk food. I have also seen a lot more restaurants offering veggie based meals, vegetarian/vegan restaurants popping up, and more small vegan/vegetarian food companies coming onto the scene.

Manifestation/ The Law of Attraction

I have been seeing the idea of manifestation a lot lately. Mental health/spiritual growth will be emphasized in 2017 even more. People are beginning to look to how the power of the mind can change your life. There are great books out there like “The Law of Attraction”, “The Secret”, and “The Manifestation Manifesto”. I love that a lot of people are starting to take their futures into their own hands. I think 2017 will bring much more of that. Taking the bull by the horns, planting your own garden, and creating your own future. P.S. if you haven’t read these books you should definitely check them out!

Charcoal Everything- Masks, Toothpaste, Etc.

My sister actually was the first person to introduce me to charcoal. She is always ahead of the times and let me try her charcoal mask she got from Origins. It left my face feeling silky smooth so I am definitely a believer. Recently I have also seen Charcoal Toothpaste popping up on social media. I haven’t tried that, but I definitely think that is a trend I will be trying out in 2017 (I am I am going to be a dentist after all ;)).

Fun Yoga Athleisure

ALLLLL the yoga pants! Printed, mesh, and cutout yoga pants have become more and more popular this year and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. In 2017 I think there will be even more wild printed pants, lots of colorful leggings, and mesh galore. There will also be more yoga/hippy-dippy style tops being worn. More people will be sporting shirts with yogi phrases like “namaste”, “create your karma”, and dream catchers/buddhas/yin/yang symbols. Hopefully the cost of this athletic wear will go down so I can join in on the trend! (ya girl is on a student budget ;)).

Fitness Dates

People are opting for yoga class, soul cycle, or a hike with friends instead of happy hour. I see this trend inside my friend group especially as I often go to different classes with friends, go on hikes/walks, etc. as a way to catch up with my friends and hear about what is new in their life. Many cities are hosting “social sweats” to help encourage health and fitness among younger people. I definitely am all about that! Doing something active with friends/family is always a great way to spend time together and better your health.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

People are definitely starting to get smart about they way that they heal their bodies! Americans are finally taking cues from ancient Chinese medicine and using herbs and spices to help heal their bodies. From turmeric, garlic, and cinnamon to tart cherry or beet juice, everybody is going to be adding more of these to their diets. Plus- these make foods taste delicious and can help relieve post workout soreness and help to heal people with autoimmune/inflammatory conditions. Turmeric is going to be the super spice of the year, and golden milk/oats will be all the rage.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I will have to check back next year and see if I am correct!

Lets talk predictions in the comments: What trends do you think will blow up in 2017? Have you already been seeing these trends on social media? Will you jump on board with any of these?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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