Fit desk Review & How I combat sitting all day

How startling are all of these facts about sitting???

After the first week of dental school, I knew that I would not be able to stand the whole sitting down for hours upon hours each day. We have to sit in class, sit while in the simulation lab, and I have to sit while I study for atlas 4-5 hours every night. Right off the bat I knew that I needed to do something to combat this. Sure I already workout about 6 (sometimes 7- oops) days a week, but sitting is still so bad for your health. I have read so many studies about the detrimental effects of sitting. Humans just are not meant to be sitting for multiple hours a day. One recent study that I read was that for every 30 minutes of sitting, a person needs to stand up/ walk around for at least 10 minutes. So, what did I do??? I bought a fit desk! I am going to quickly mention how I combat sitting all day, and then talk specifically about the fit desk (which I’m obsessed with).

So how do I combat all of this sitting???

There are a few things that I do during the day.

  1. Get up and walk in between classes or during breaks.

We have a lot of long lectures/ time spent in the simulation lab. I have classes that last for 2-3.5 hours at a time which makes me so antsy sitting there the whole time. When we get a short break during our 2 hours lectures, I get up and walk to the furthest bathroom in the dental school (because I always have to go) and walk around/ stand up for those 10 minutes. When I am working in the sim lab, I get up at least 2 times to go to the bathroom/take a walk. It helps me to keep focused and feels so good to just get the body moving.

My tips to anyone that has to sit for long periods of time for work/school is to get up and take breaks to walk around. I suggest walking to the furthest restroom, taking a quick lap outside, walking the longest route possible everywhere, and stretching while you are in your chair.

2.  I stand while eating lunch/dinner.

This may sound strange, but when I come home on my lunch break (we get an hour for lunch & I live 2 mins from the school) the last thing I want to do is sit down. When I eat dinner I often stand up as well. Standing>sitting>laying down, so the more you stand, the better that you will be!

3. I bought this awesome fit desk!

This is the main thing that I wanted to talk about in this post. I bought my fit desk bike about 2 weeks into school, but it took forever to get to me! Then it took me like 5 days to finally have time to take it out of the box to put it together. I actually put this bike together myself so I am super proud of that. I am horrible at reading instruction guides, so if I can put this together, then literally ANYONE can put this together.

What I like about this bike:

This bike is super comfortable! The seat is nice and firm, yet still super soft. The desk also has a cushioned part on the handles in front of the desk where you can set you forearms which helps to make the desk more comfortable.  The desktop is the perfect size for my Macbook air, and also is a nice size for writing with notebooks. I thought it would be super difficult to write on notebooks while riding this bike, but it is actually super easy! There is also a little drawer that slides out underneath the desktop which is really convenient. I like to keep pens, pencils, and my phone in there (so I don’t get distracted, but still have it nearby hehe).

It has dials to change the resistance. I like this feature, but I do wish that the resistance levels went up a bit higher. I usually ride the bike on the highest or second highest resistance, so it would be nice to have even higher resistance.

Another positive to the bike- it is SO quite! It does not squeak at all or make any sort of noise. That would drive me crazy to have squeaking while studying, so I am very happy that it rides smooth.

There is also an odometer/ distance & time tracker on this bike. You can reset this information whenever you want, so I decided to ride it all week, and see how many miles I got in. I put the bike together last Sunday in the later afternoon, and as of this morning (Sunday), I had ridden 303.6 km. That equates to 188.6 miles. So I did 188 miles of biking in one week in addition to my normal workouts. I am on my bike almost always while I am studying in my apartment. I was shocked that I had biked that much in one week when I also have been studying in the library, and usually am not even home until 5-6 every night. That just goes to show how much time I normally spend just sitting down.

Final perk of this bike: cost! It was so reasonable. I got it directly off of fit desk’s website for $270. It is normally $300, but I had a $30 off coupon (don’t I always??). I think that this was a very important investment in my health. I am always more than willing to invest in my health. The cost of this bike will more than pay off over these next two years (which is when I will be doing the majority of my hardcore studying). I think I have already gotten quite a good use out of it in this first week. I may or may not be on my bike right now 🙂

So tell me, how do you invest in your health? Do you spend a little bit more on healthy groceries/restaurants? Have a gym membership? How do you combat the effects of being a student or having a desk job?? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Fitdesk. I just wanted to share this awesome product with my readers! All opinions are my own 🙂

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