Dealing with Injuries

This photo perfectly describes my current situation. I have a hard time admitting to myself when I am injured. I hate not being able to be active and do the things that I love.  I normally am pretty tough with running injuries, and try to make sure to do everything I can to prevent them. I swim, do yoga, foam roll, and use compression recovery. I have not had any real pain or issues with my training thus far besides general soreness. My hip has been a bit tight, but nothing serious. Needless to say, today was a total bummer. I am really upset about my current injury situation. Want to know more about what happened? Read below.

Well, I was planning on writing a post about how great my marathon training was going, until today during my long run something tragic happened. All of a sudden, around mile 15, I got a horrible throbbing pain in my outer right knee. I thought that it was just a minor stitch as first, but it continued on and kept getting worse. I made it to mile 16 before calling it quits. I began walking in hopes of taking a short walk break, and then start running again. Well- that did not happen. When I started walking, the pain got worse. I could not even walk at a fast pace and it took me so long to get home because I was still 4 miles away and moving like a turtle. Seriously.

I even contemplated sending for an Uber or convincing a bus driver to let me on without my bus pass. I nixed the Uber idea because there have been too many issues lately with people taking those alone recently. I seriously considered begging the bus driver for his mercy, but ultimately decided to tough it out and walk home. I am currently sitting with my legs elevated and resting because I can hardly walk- let alone walk down/up stairs.

I’ve been walking – ok crawling- up and down the stairs like this cute lil pup. I doubt me going down the stairs looks this cute though. It probably looks pretty painful, or crazy- probably both.

Anywho- I am going to make an appointment to see an orthopedic on Monday. I have never been in this much pain from a running injury. It came so out of the blue and I was really not prepared for this. I am really upset since my marathon is only 3 weeks away. Based on the way I am feeling right now, there is a really good chance I will not be running it. I do not want to run this marathon and then hurt myself so badly that I can’t exercise all summer. THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE! So, I am going to wait and see what the doctor says and go from there. In the mean time- I ‘m going to kick back, relax, watch some netflix, get caught up on blogging, and maybe do some studying- maybe (#senioritis).

How do you deal with injuries? When do you know if you should push through or if you are seriously injured? I tend to push myself too hard.

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