WIAW: Back to the Basics


Brining it back to the basics this week for WIAW. Special thanks again to Jenn @ Peas & Crayonsfor starting this trend!

I really enjoy eating whole, natural foods, in their most simple form. I adore fresh fruits and veggies and love how abundant they are during the summer. While I am not currently vegan (hey who knows, maybe I will venture down that road some day!), I do enjoy eating a lot of vegan foods. I am a tofu lover,   eat tons of fruits and veggies, and tempeh is my newest obsession. I have been experimenting more and more with vegan recipes, so stay tuned for those in the future!


Today, I am sharing with you a day full of vegan eats! I did not make an lavish meals, but instead kept it simple with lots of fresh fruits & veggies. I made sure to eat lots of hydrating foods since it was so hot out.


For breakfast I made a delicious vegan protein smoothie consisting of chocolate vega sport recovery (SO MUCH YES- LOVE IT!), frozen banana (frozen is best), unsweetened almond milk, and a bit of ice. I blitzed it up in my Ninja blender aka the best investment of my life and enjoyed it outside sitting in the sun. I like to drink my smoothies while relaxing outside because I get way too cold drinking them inside my ice box of a house.

Then, I decided to go roller blading for my workout since I had the day off work and did not feel like going into the gym. I bladed for about an hour and sweat completely through my Nike hat. I think I look like such a dork in hats, but found this one at Tj maxx and it didn’t look too bad- win!


Mmmmmm check out that sweat.

After roller blading I ran a few errands with my sister before coming home to have this delicious bowl of fruit. I also had a boatload of celery and Cedar’s Chipotle Hummus (only the best kind & flavor ever).


For dinner I made sweet n spicy roasted sweet potatoes (I may do a recipe post on these- they are super simple, but I love ’em!) and a chickpea salad. I will do another post on the chickpea salad as well. This meal doesn’t look too appetizing but it was my delicioso. I love combining common spices/flavors to create dishes that can be easily replicated, and these two dishes definitely fit that criteria.


Do you like vegan foods/ have you tried any vegan restaurants? How do you make sure to get your fruits & veggies in?? Let me know in the comments!

4 comments on “WIAW: Back to the Basics”

  1. I think chickpeas are great in salads, and I’d throw in a little cheese too for extra protein, fat, and flavor. Cheese is also predominantly the reason I couldn’t be vegan, but I’m right there with you when it comes to fruit and veggie love.

    Confession: I take my smoothies into the shower with me. This way I don’t get too cold drinking them. 🙂

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

    1. I LOVE chickpeas in salads! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who freezes when drinking smoothies! Maybe during the winter when its too cold to sit outside I’ll try your shower trick lol.

  2. Ooh! Do share your sweet and spicy sweet potato recipe! That sounds fantastic!

    1. I will definitely post it soon! I love sweet potatoes so much I think of them as their own food group.

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