WIAW: Plant Power

Happy Hump Day everyone! The week is just trucking along here, and school is picking up a tad. This semester definitely seems much more bearable than the last, so hopefully that means more time to devote to this blog. I hope to create better quality photos, and more plant-based recipes for you all!

Now, onto the eats. I haven’t done a WIAW in SO long- I think really since before I adopted a vegan diet. So, I decided that I needed to do one to show you all how much I’ve been eating. One of the best things about a plant-based vegan diet is that you can stuff yourself full of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, legumes, etc. and not have to worry about maintaining your weight. Eating this way has allowed me to become more in tune with my hunger signals and eat until I am fully satisfied. I never go hungry, or have to worry about watching my portion sizes because everything is so nutrient dense, while being calorically low. Also, at the end of this post I am going to include the total calorie/nutrient intake because there is a myth that Vegans somehow don’t get vital nutrients like protein, calcium, and iron. I never count calories anymore (more on that to come later), but just wanted to show everyone that you can eat a lot, and receive all of your major nutrients without eating animal products. The only nutrient that Vegans who eat a plant-based diet really need to supplement with is B12 because it is found in soil, and the rest of the population gets B12 because animals eat soil. That being said, I do take a B12 supplement to make sure my nutrient profile is complete!

And always- thanks to the lovely Jen of Peas and Crayons at  www.peasandcrayons.comfor creating this fun link-up!

Here’s a look into what I’ve been eating lately!


2 frozen bananas, 1 scoop vega chocolate sport recovery, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup ice

Snack 1:

MANGO!- Yum- one of my favorite fruits! And I finally learned how to cut it the cool way!


My delicious leftover Curry for lunch! Check out the Recipe for Cauliflower Chickpea Coconut Curry ! Can’t wait to make this again 🙂

Snack 2:

2 HUGE carrots + Cedar’s Garlic Hummus (aka only the best kind of hummus you will ever eat)


Red lentil-quinoa pasta with Whole Foods pasta sauce, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, spinach, and garlic- YUM!

Dessert snack:

2 plain rice cakes with pb2 & a sliced banana on top

TOTAL: 1,849cals 332g carbs 26g fat 95g protein (where do vegans get their protein omg??) 0mg cholesterol (#Plantpower) 59g fiber (do you know most americans only get 12g fiber a day??)

Nutrients: 5041 mg Potassium, 866% of Daily recommended Vit A, 623% Vit C, 149% Calcium, and fell a tad short on the Iron at 90% (but hey, still pretty close- some days I meet it, others I am a tad short)

Gosh, I would eat these foods every single day- and I do eat atlas one of these foods everyday between the oats, veggies, fruit, etc.

What is your favorite meal/snack/breakfast food at the moment?

Which of these dishes would you most like to eat??

Do you eat a mostly plant-based diet?

What are some new health foods I should try??

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