Chocolate Mint Protein Mini Donuts

The other day I was shopping around at Kohl’s getting some stuff for my apartment. I had some coupons (always) for the Home section & also some Kohl’s cash & other percentage off coupons as well that I wanted to use. I was struggling to find one last item to make it to $50 of product in the home section-strategic couponing over here (yes, I’m making that a verb). Then, I found a mini donut pan that was only $7.50! It was half off because it was the special “limited quantities” promotion Kohl’s runs. My Mom and sister were with me and were all like “What are you going to do with that, you don’t even eat donuts??”. I told them that I wanted to make healthy protein donuts & other donut recipes to post on my blog. Coupons + Sales= how could I not buy it???

Thus, I am bringing this delicious recipe to you all today. It makes a full batch of mini donuts for only 245 calories! It is enough to share, but also healthy enough to eat all to yourself 🙂 Because who likes sharing food anyway??

These protein donuts are healthy, gluten free (always), and full of protein, while still being low in carbs and calories. These would make a delicious breakfast, dessert, or healthy snack!

I made these donuts using Chobani Vanilla Simply 100 as part of the #MadewithChobani challenge that Chobani is hosting. I love being able to work with other companies to create delicious recipes, so I hope you enjoy this one!


3.00 tbsp(s), Egg whites
1.00 Tablespoons, Coconut Flour
1.00 oz, Vanilla Simply 100 chobani
4.00 tbsp(s), Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk – Vanilla (New)
0.50 tsp(s), Vanilla extract
0.12 tsp(s), Sea Salt
0.50 tsp(s), Baking Powder
1.50 oz, Vanilla Chobani Simply 100 Blended
.1 tsp(s), Pure Mint Extract (just a teeny tiny drop)
1.00 drop, Green Food Coloring
29.00 grams, Whey Protein Isolate – Chocolate (One scoop)
1 tbsp, Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla

Nutrition Facts
Servings 1.0

calories 234
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 2 g 4 %

Saturated Fat 1 g 5 %

Monounsaturated Fat 0 g

Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 20 mg 7 %
Sodium 1822 mg 76 %
Potassium 169 mg 5 %

Total Carbohydrate 15 g 5 %

Dietary Fiber 6 g 25 %

Sugars 6 g

Protein 37 g 74 %

Vitamin A 3 %
Vitamin C 1 %
Calcium 25 %

Iron 9 %

Directions: Mix together the chocolate whey, egg whites, coconut flour, chobani (1 oz/ 3 tbsp), almond milk, vanilla extract, sea salt, and baking powder together in a small bowl. Grease a donut pan with olive oil/ coconut oil spray. Then pour the batter in & bake for about 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. My batter completely filled my mini donut pan so the batch made 12 mini donuts!

While the mini donuts are baking, make the frosting/glaze. I mixed together 1 tbsp chobani, 1 tbsp vanilla whey, a splash of almond milk, and a teeny tiny drop of mint extract. Mint extract is SUPER STRONG, so if you add too much, the donuts will taste like toothpaste. You only need a very small amount of the extract to give it a mint flavor. Make sure to taste the glaze before you put in on the donuts to test out the mint flavor. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can add some stevia to the glaze/donut batter.

After the donuts are finished cooking, allow them to cool for a bit & add the glaze. I dunked my donuts into the glaze/frosting, but you could also smear it on. I topped them with some cute little sprinkles because donuts have to have sprinkles right??? YES.

Have you ever made homemade donuts before/ protein donuts?? Are you more of a donut person or a bagel person?? Let me know in the comments!

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