WIAW: Detox the Natural Way


Happy Wednesday! Today I am going to share what I eat in a day when I feel like I need a little nutritional reset/ over indulged a bit or just have not been feeling my best energetic self. While nearly all of my meals are usually healthy, sometimes certain foods I eat just don’t make me feel my best. After I got back from Nashville I knew that I needed a little bit of a detox. And no- by detox I don’t mean only drinking some weird lemon-cayenne pepper beverage for 3 days straight. For me “detoxing”  means eating lots of raw foods, foods with lots of fiber, and lots of veggies!



For breakfast I had lots of fresh fruit! This was a pretty big bowl filled with watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, a peach, and some cherries. I love having a big variety of fruits in the morning.


I went rollerblading a few hours after breakfast and when I finished i refueled with this tropical smoothie! It was just a tropical blend of frozen fruit, and some almond milk. It didn’t even all fit in this glass! I enjoyed this smoothie outside. I love sitting outside while I drink my smoothies because I always get so cold!


For dinner I had a giant “detox salad”. I only call it that since Whole Foods makes a similar salad that they always have at their salad bar which they call a “detox salad”. I made this by blitzing up lots of veggies in my food processor to get them to have a chopped/ shaved texture. It had cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, carrots, raisins, cucumber, and a few chopped almonds on top. I also made a healthy, oil free dressing with lime & other spices to drizzle on top.

I feel like I also ate something else for a snack but I just can’t remember / didn’t take a photo of it (oops). But, Im sure I did.

What have you been eating lately? What kinds of foods do you eat when you need a little detox/ nutritional reset? let me know in the comments!


8 comments on “WIAW: Detox the Natural Way”

  1. I loooove super chopped up salads like that one! It’s such a nice way to blend all the flavors and textures! I’ll have to try using my food processor. (I never think of getting it out to finely chop veggies but that’s probably a huge time saver!)

    1. The food processor really makes things go so much faster- especially when you have lots of veggies to chop! I love that it can get it pretty finely chopped too without totally pulverizing it!

  2. I try to get lots of veggies in when I want to get back on track, too, and I start paying more attention to portion sizes!

    1. Yes- all the veggies!! Its crazy how quickly you start to feel better after eating loads of greens!

  3. I love the idea of using a food processor! Genius!!

    1. It is probably my favorite kitchen appliance- it is so handy!

  4. Ellie says:

    Definitely tons of fruits and veggies when I feel like I’ve had an indulgent few days. I also try to drink more water to flush out the system.
    Great use of the food processor!

    1. I am right there with you! I also tend to put lemon/ lime in my water because that always makes me feel good!!

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