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Wednesdays in the food blogging world are centered on food thanks to Jen over at Peas & Crayons! Wednesdays have taken on a new meaning for me since starting Dental School, and the foods that I have been eating have changed slightly. I do not have as much time to make fancy/ more creative meals so I have been sticking to the basics. Here’s a look into what I eat on t typical day in Dental School. Everything is easy, fast, cheap, healthy, & vegan!



Raspberry-tropical fruit protein smoothie

When I make protein smoothie I always have to use frozen fruit. I hate using fresh fruit and ice because it waters down the taste. Frozen fruit is definitely the way to go. For this smoothie I used my Berry Vega Protein & Greens, frozen raspberries, and frozen tropical fruit. I actually froze the raspberries myself during the summer because they were on sale for 88 cents a carton and who can pass up a deal like that?? Freezing your fresh fruit that is about to go bad helps to prevent waste & save money! If you can’t tell, saving money is my favorite. Also if you can’t tell, this smoothie is in a ginormous mason jar. I don’t do small smoothies. Ever.




I made some edamame miso soup for my school week lunches and have been LOVING it! I wish I would have taken some better pictures while making it/ eating it because it is really good. I may still share the recipe if people are interested or re-make it and take better pictures. This creation came about when I was shopping at Whole Foods and saw Miso Broth. I had to do a double take. I knew that I needed to make a Miso soup creation. I will definitely be taking a trip back to Whole Foods so I can make this again. I used my crock pot and added lots of veggies- carrots, onion, portabella mushroom, edamame, and green peppers. When it was done I made some edamame noodles and poured the soup over that. Mmmm. So filling, healthy, and of course gluten free & vegan!




Oh yeah, Tempeh Salad in my pineapple bowl. I love my pineapple bowl. It makes me happy. I also love tempeh- its so quick to make and really takes up flavoring well- a lot easier than tofu does in my opinion. When I’m making my salads I always just chuck a bunch of chopped veggies in a bowl with spring mix (fav type of green). Then I like to add some hummus (Cedar’s Garlic is my personal fave- low fat & delicious flavor!) and salsa! I think I used a frontera brand salsa for this salad. The veggies that are buried under there are cucumber, tomato, carrots, and bell pepper. Some people don’t like salads, but I think thats because they are doing it wrong! Iceberg lettuce + ranch dressing is not a salad to me- blech. This was delicious and I would eat it everyday even though it looks kind of ugly.


What are your go to quick meals? Do you pack a lunch for class/ school or are you able to go home??? Let me know below!

16 comments on “WIAW: Quick, Healthy, Vegan”

  1. That tempeh looks awesome! I love that an edamame so much.

    1. I love tempeh!! Edamame is good with everything! i am a huge asian-inspired food lover, so edamame is a staple in my diet- those noodles are edamame noodles too!

  2. Hi Kerri! Great to e-meet you! I love the Miso Ginger broth from Trader Joe’s. It makes every soup just so much more interesting!

    1. It was my first time trying Miso broth! The Miso Ginger sounds even better than just plain Miso- will definitely have to check out Trader Joes for that next time! I did add some ground ginger to this though 🙂

  3. GiGi Eats says:

    Edamame is my JAM! 🙂

    1. me too- edamame on everything! One recipe on my to-make list is edamame hummus!

  4. That pineapple bowl is too much! Have you ever been to a place called Native Foods Kitchen? You would LOVE it!

    1. I haven’t been there-next time I’m back in chi-town (well the burbs anyway) I’ll have to try it! Totally checked out their website though- looks amazing!

  5. Farrah says:

    Ahh! All of it looks so good! I’ve had tempeh before, but I’ve never tried making it on my own–I’ll need to go hunt it down one o’ these days!

    1. It is seriously SO easy to make! I just slice it, cook it in a pan, and add some seasonings/ sauce! Takes less than 10 minutes, and its pretty cheap at the store!

  6. I’m drinking a really similar smoothie right now for a late breakfast! Frozen mixed berries, protein powder, spinach, full-fat coconut milk, and almond milk 🙂 I almost always pack my lunch, too! Lunch and snacks 🙂 What are some of your favorite snacks to pack?

    1. smoothies are just the best! I’ll have to try one with coconut milk! I love to pack snacks! Unfortunately this year I’m not able to snack as much because we have classes/lab where snacks aren’t allowed, but I always have an apple on me at all times! I love fruit for snacks as well as almonds, pumpkin seeds, & carrots!

  7. That smoothie looks soooo creamy and dreamy, I want it for breakfast tomorrow!! And I loooove tempeh!
    Since coming back to school, I find it’s easier for me to plan out my meals for the week so I’m not getting back to class and saying, hmmm what could I make? I’ve gotten into a cooking routine and it’s working so far!

    1. It was so good! I agree that it is so nice to have something planned or already made for lunch! I only get an hour lunch break so I always try to make 2 lunch options on sundays!

  8. masala girl says:

    this looks so good ! i definitely do the same thing with freezing berries, especially if we go berry picking, or organic beerries are on sale! also with peaches 🙂
    please share your recipe for the soup!! and where did you get the pineapple bowl?!

    1. Freezing berries helps save so much money!!! I bought the pineapple bowl from TJ maxx and I love it 🙂 I will try to share that soup recipe soon!! I need to remember everything that I put in it lol

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