Friday Favorites 2

Welp, its Friday night at 9 p.m. and I’m sitting on the couch in my robe (Am I Hugh Hefner now?) watching some reality tv (my guilty pleasure) so I thought I would do a post on some things that I have been obsessed with lately. I really like reading other bloggers Friday Favorites posts because it always gives me new foods to try, online stores/shops to try out, new workout ideas/ clothes & other fun stuff!

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately.

1. Homemade Iced Coffee

I usually drink a lot more iced coffee during the summer, but it took me all the way until the end of July to start making it this year. Probably because it was so darn cold & rainy at the beginning of the summer. I also really love drinking out of this Nashville mason jar (leaving in 13 days, but who’s counting? ;). To make the iced coffee I brew flavored coffee- this one was Starbucks mocha flavor and put it in the freezer to chill. Then I pour it over some ice and add unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a bit of stevia, and a splash of Califa farms Pecan Carmel Almond Milk Creamer. I found this creamer earlier this summer at Meijer & am hooked! They also have hazelnut (tried it, twas good, but not as good as pecan caramel) and vanilla flavors.

This is what it looks like in case you are searching for it at the store! It only has 15 cal per serving & is lighter and less sugary than typical creamer. It’s also perfect if you are sensitive to dairy or are vegan!

2. Cycling Classes

I am so surprised at how much I enjoyed the two cycling classes that I went to recently. One class was called Evolution Cycle & one was Cycle Sculpt. The evolution cycle class was super fun and the instructor was fabulous. I love how they darken the room and blast loud music to make it more fun. The cycle sculpt class began with some strength training & core work before moving to the cycling studio. The ride really got my heart pumping as we did a lot of sprints & intervals! After I left the first class I had sweat so much that I could literally ring my headband out(don’t worry, I washed it after). I learned my lesson and went to the second class sans headband.

3. Smoothie Bowls

It has been hot here & I have been getting my smoothie on! I love my smoothies/protein shakes extra thick, so I often put them in a bowl & eat/drink them with a spoon & straw. I have been loving adding chocolate vegan protein powder to my smoothies as well. Here’s some photos of my smoothie deliciousness as of late.

What do you make when you didn’t have time to eat lunch at work?? A ginormous smoothie bowl with some delicious goodies on top. This bowl had chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, natural PB (Kirkland brand from Costco), and a chopped Smores Luna Bar (now gluten free #yassss). This was amazing- I am drooling at the screen just looking at it.

This smoothie isn’t in a bowl, but it is equally delicious. This was made with vegan vanilla protein powder, sugar free chai, frozen banana, and unsweetened almond milk. I sprinkled a bit of Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Granola on top for a little crunch (and maybe also to take a cute pic bc #bloggerprobs).

4. Fav running quote

I think this speaks for itself- love it x10.

5. Favorite Grocery Store: Fresh Thyme

Just sharing my love for this new grocery store that opened up by me called Fresh Thyme for anyone in the area! They have some Chicago suburbs locations and I believe locations in other states too (idk-check their website). They have some CRAZY AWESOME deals & amazing bulk bin buys. Their stores has lots of healthy, organic foods/products. I would describe it as a cheaper whole foods. They have natural health & beauty products as well as vitamins, nutritional supplements, protein powders, etc. The always have amazing sales on their produce too. I just got 6 mangos for $2 and they had grapes on sale for 88 cents a pound just to give you an idea of the sales they run. You should definitely check them out if you live out in the burbs if you like healthy foods and are on a budget!

What have you been loving recently?? What is your favorite fitness class/ workout as of late? Do you have any fabulous healthy grocery stores near you?? let me know in the comments!

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