Running in My Underwear?!?!

Yes, you read that right folks. I’ll be stripping down on February 13th in support of the Children’s Tumor Foundation and for kids with a debilitating genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis. NF causes tumors to grow all over the nervous system and can cause blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, and severe chronic pain. Currently there is no cure for NF, and very few treatment options. But- with Cupid’s Undie Run raising 3.5 million dollars in 2015- researchers are getting closer to finding a cure.

A little bit more on the organization:


Taken from “Our mission is to advance peer-reviewed research to develop treatments and cures for NF; support persons with NF and their families by making thorough and accurate information readily available; assist in developing clinical centers and best practices to improve access to quality healthcare for those who live with NF; and expand public awareness of NF to improve diagnoses, increase understanding of the challenges that NF presents, and encourage support for NF research.”

I think that public awareness of different diseases is so important, and i love what this organization is doing. And lucky for my readers- you can join the race too, and with a 10% OFF DISCOUNT!- WOO! You all know that I love a good discount. Running is great, but running for a cause is even better, so put those buns to use and sign up today! Follow this link :

Cupid’s Undie Run and use the code CHICUR$ to get 10% off registration!


Now, I’m not 100% sure that I will be running in my underwear for sure, or if I will chicken out and run in spandex or buns. BUT- if these kids can deal with so much as such a young age, then I can put my big girl panties on (#punintended) and race a mile in my undies. It will be freezing out- but hey- its only for a mile. The race starts on Clark street aka Wrigleyville in Chicago. If you like anywhere near the area, I highly suggest coming out to run, spectate, or donate.

P.S. should I buy some of these undies for the race?? HA! My fav are the “run your butt off” pair.



Tell me: what is the craziest race that you have every run? Have you ever dressed up (or dressed down) for a race? Would you ever run in your underwear?? Should I strip down, or keep it covered (I mean it is february in Chicago after all) ?? let me know below!

2 comments on “Running in My Underwear?!?!”

  1. Farrah says:

    Oh em eff gee, in Chicago!?!? Please don’t freeze!! :O My undergrad did an undie run but it is infinitely warmer in California than it is in Illinois. o_o

    I really like the “run your butt off” one too! 😛 Best of luck to you! It sounds like it’d be fun, even if it’s freezing! I could probably be coerced into going too if I were in the area! :O!

    1. Lol- I know right. I am a bit more hesitant bearing it all just because it will be so darn cold! I am such a wimp when it comes to winter even though I have lived in Chicago my whole life (and decided to stay in the Midwest for school because I’m crazy lol).

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