The Worst Diet Advice I’ve Ever Gotten ft. BGB Gang


Diet Advice….everyone wants to give it to you but most people have no idea what they are talking about. Sadly, I fell victim to the all of the diet advice all over the internet and all of the most well known health magazines. Before I knew the real deal on how to stay healthy, I did some crazy stuff and followed some “diet advice” that was illogical and dangerous.

Even today people try and give me diet advice- usually via social media, but sometimes in real life. I want to share some of the crazy diet advice that I have gotten over the years to tell you all things you probably should take with a grain of salt.

I am also featuring some of my favorite #girlgang bloggers in this post on the craziest dieting advice that they have ever gotten. Some of their comments really made me laugh, and some of them made me #facepalm.

Recently I have gotten some weird comments from people telling me that smoothies aren’t healthy, that I shouldn’t eat overnight oats because they are too calorie dense and should only eat cooked oats with lots of water (WTF), and that potatoes are unhealthy (like maybe if you fry them and drench them in oil).

Besides the things people have said to me in real life, I have gotten a lot of bad advice from the internet and other social media sites.


#1. Eat 1200 calories a day for weightloss.



This is probably the worst advice I have ever gotten. I used to count my calories and not go over 1200 a day because the internet told me to. Meanwhile I was probably burning 500-800 calories a day from exercise. Horrible idea. I was always tired, felt crappy about myself if I ate more than 1200 calories, and didn’t have good focus in class. Even if you don’t exercise, nobody should be eating that few calories for adequate nutrition, energy, and health. That is literally not even enough calories for a child, and will set you up for metabolic damage making you gain weight after you go back to eating a higher amount of calories. Scientists have done tons of studies on this idea of metabolic damage with The Biggest Loser contestants because so many of them gain back all of the weight if not more. They confirmed that the body’s natural metabolism slows down after severe dieting, exercise, and calorie restriction.

#2 Do not eat after 7 p.m.


Yep, I remember reading that in an article online and thought than was the key to weightloss (not that I ever needed to lose weight) and being healthy. I mean if the internet tells you that you will gain weight if you eat food after 7 p.m. then it must be true right? NOT. Your body’s metabolism doesn’t just after 7 p.m. or automatically convert food to fat after a certain time. I remember feeling so down that I had “failed” at dieting if I ate past 7. I definitely look back on those times and cringe.

#3 Cut carbs to lose weight.


Cut out refined, processed sugar, crappy carbs, sure. But cut out oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, grains and fruit is not the secret to weightloss. That is the secret to sadness and a future binge because your brain will only be able to go without sustained glucose form carbohydrates for so long. I remember not eating potatoes or grains because I had to keep my carbs low. Now I eat potatoes, whole grains, and fruit every single day.


Here is what some of my Blogging Gang Has to say about the Worst Diet Advice They have ever gotten!

“The concept of “making up for” a bad meal by restricting yourself come next meal time is the worst that comes to mind & puts you in a constant state of guilt! just because you didn’t eat at your best for 1 meal doesn’t mean you should malnourish yourself” – Jess


“I think the worst advice is that you have to avoid certain foods. I mean, sure, cake is less nutritious than kale, but I feel like complete restriction sets us up for failure/binging”-  Catherine


“When people say that if you just had enough “willpower”, weight loss will automatically happen. There are so many factors that play into our weight that blaming another person for being weak and not having enough willpower is so harsh!”-  RunWholeNutrition


“The only carbs you should eat are a bowl of cereal for breakfast” LEGIT MY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS YESTERDAY 😑” – Danielle


“If you drink a lot the night before, you should just go to the gym turn on Netflix and sit on the bike for 3 hours.” WTFFFF  rachel pattison


“I love the Lean Cuisine and Lean Pocket frozen meal diet. That was an awesome recommendation. Also, have heard – don’t eat past 7pm. Sometimes I don’t even workout until 9 at night so that def doesn’t work for me”-  Allie McDonald
 “Bananas are super high in fat, so you should only eat them if you workout”-  Dani Nemzer
“You have to do cardio for an hour 5 days a week to lose weight” Like I don’t even have an extra hour to spare, no thanks?? Also that “calories are calories so it doesn’t matter if I eat 1 pop tart or 8,000 pieces of broccoli.”-  Katie Smaldone
“You should eat less and you don’t need very much protein because you’re a girl. You’ll get too muscular and guys won’t like you.”
😒 Because the reason I eat is definitely so I can attract the opposite gender. Not like I need food to live or anything. :-  Farrah Whey
“Anytime someone tells me you have to restrict fruit. And I’m just like WUUUUUT fruit is my life blood” Emilie

Hmm… One of the craziest diet things that I ever tried because it sounded like a good way to ‘lose weight’ was the ‘Lemonade Diet.’ It’s pretty interesting and NOT good for you at all; I wouldn’t ever recommend it. 🙂 Or the idea that carbs or fat make you ‘fat.’- Emily


“1200 calories a day. YEAH IF YOU ARE A CORPSE.”Susie Lemmer


“I read a book recently and the guy was following the rule of “only eat fruit before noon”. He thought it was kinda outlandish but got it from a guy who was so passionate about that rule that he just followed it too. I LOL’d” .Jill Merkel


 “Don’t eat within 5 hours of going to bed.” Oh, okay, I’ll just wake up at 2am because my stomach is trying to eat itself. If I can fall asleep in the first place because I eat like every 3 hours anyway” – Ellen

 “Don’t eat any white foods”. You’re right.. cauliflower, potatoes, parsnips, white beans, etc. have absolutely ZERO nutritional value🙄- Kara Golis

“Don’t eat after 6, carbs are bad, don’t eat bread, don’t eat potatoes, don’t eat fat, only drink water, don’t eat fruit because it has too much sugar, omg i can go on forever because i used to fall for all this! LOL” Stephanie Schultz

“Eat 30 bananas a day for strength, endurance and weight loss HAHAHA” Ellie Pell
 “Never eat bananas or carrots because the sugar content will make you fat… “- Sarah Ford
Did these make you laugh? What is the most ridiculous diet advice you have ever gotten? Have you believed any of these “diet tips” before? Let me know in the comments!

24 comments on “The Worst Diet Advice I’ve Ever Gotten ft. BGB Gang”

  1. HAH oh my gosh these made me laugh (but it’s also kind of sad because I’m sure some people listen to this stuff!) I’d wither away on 1,200 calories a day! Ain’t no way that’s enough for this girl!

    1. It is laughable that people suggest these things, but sad because it makes an impact on so many people (especially young or uneducated people). And yes- I could never survive on that little amount of food now!

  2. Ilka says:

    You really need to find your own path and see what works best for you. There is no rule that fits all!

    1. I agree Ilka! That is why it is so scary that so many people share crazy health advice!

  3. Seriously, I think I’ve heard all of these from clients, friends, and in the media. It’s so scary how much misguided advice is out there that can do more harm than good.

    1. I agree Becki! America is seriously confused when it comes to health and diet- probably the reason why 2/3 of our country is overweight 🙁

  4. glenneth says:

    have heard all of these. so scary that this information is out. my pet peeve one is about the fruit as well. the “fruit will make you fat.” or the – you only need to do cardio and lots of it.

    1. I agree with you Glenneth! So much misinformation out there- the tough part is weeding out all the crap and finding the good stuff!

  5. I so laughed at Farrar’s comment! We have all heard them, gosh. I guess the best advice is everyone is different and what works for some may not work for all. Oh and Balance I say.

    1. Me too Tricia! That comment was to funny. I agree- we all have different methods for staying healthy 🙂

  6. This is such a great post! For the novice there is so much misinformation about health, fitness, and weight loss out there that is just being consumed by the average joe/jane, who doesn’t know any better or any different! Hopefully this post will help shed some light on that issue and re-educate at least one person who was told some poor dieting advice.

    1. Thank you Kayla! I too hope that this post helps to re-educate others on diet advice! It can be very confusing for beginners!

  7. Angela says:

    Great post and so true! I love the meme about cutting carbs….haha!! That would be me 🙂

    1. Thanks Angela! I was dying of laughter when I found that one!

  8. Tara says:

    Advice aside, I just think the word “diet” needs to be banned from the English language. Let’s replace it with the phrase: Just eat right!

    1. Yes Tara! I am right there with you!

  9. Abbey Sharp says:

    This is a serious reminder that no ‘one size fits all’ saying is true, since every body and person is unique and different!!

  10. Tee says:

    Some of the advice I’ve gotten (many of those you listed here) is LOL-able!! I just had a guy DM on Instagram about my workouts and telling me I workout too much and how I should be training… and that my NASM training isn’t correct compared to his so therefore I must not know what I am talking about haha. I say try different things, do what works for you… science is great but at the end of the day we’re still all different 🙂

    1. I have gotten some crazy advice too Tee! We just have to ignore those that think their way is the only way-ha!!

  11. Ohhh this is terrible! There is the worst advice out there. Moderation peeps and our bodies LIKE and NEED food.

    1. I know Julie! So much bad advice out there!

  12. Esther says:

    Great post! Laughing at some of them, but also know that I have friends who take on this crazy advice.
    Tara is right, just EAT RIGHT!!

    1. Its so easy to laugh at these, but sad so many people believe it!

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