Why I Blog (even though I hardly have any time)


I really hate that phrase. “I don’t have time”. It sounds so silly to me because when people say they don’t have time, what they really mean is they cannot/will not make time for something. How we spend our time defines who we are. As of late (or probably since I started this), I haven’t made a ton of time to spend working on my blog. I love being able to share my thoughts, recipes, workouts, etc. with you all, but at the end of the day, sometimes I am just too darn tired to blog.

I kind of wanted to write this post for myself, and my readers as kind of manifesto of sorts. My blog is a hobby, an “extracurricular” if you will. I know for some people their blog is their full time job, part-time job, and their whole life. Sometimes I wish I was more like that. I wish I spent more time making sure I had the perfect recipe photos, instagram captions, workout plans, and advice posts. As many of you know, I am a full time dental student meaning that I spend about 40 hours a week in class- not to mention the 20-30+ hours I spend outside of class working in the lab, on projects, or studying. I am not saying this to be all “I’m so busy , blah blah blah” but more to allow you all a little more insight into my life. Because lets be honest- nobody really cares how busy you are. I would love to someday grow my blog more and reach more people, but right now my priorities are elsewhere.



I personally would rather spend my time running, exercising, cooking, hanging out with friends, or sleeping than blogging. My priority list basically goes: school, fitness/ working out, socializing, sleeping, and then blogging. It falls way at the bottom of the list. Does this make me a bad blogger? Maybe. Basically – I spend time on myself, doing the things I love most first.


I see all of these bloggers creating these amazing recipes with insane photographs and I get a little bit envious. I think to myself “I need to invest in a nice camera, take more photos, and spend more time perfecting my recipes”. I also get sad when I think about how quickly some other people gain a following and start raking in lots of cash from their blog. Then I come to the harsh reality of being a broke student that has to pinch every penny. I then realize that I need to not compare myself to other bloggers that have different lives, jobs, and priorities than me. Also- this quote above <3.

While I may not be the biggest, most influential blogger out there, I continue to blog because of the feedback that I get from other people. It makes my day when someone tells me that they went vegetarian or vegan because of me. Or that something I said really resonated with them. Or that they tried one of my recipes and loved it.


Here’s a short list of why I blog- and why you should consider starting your own blog!

  1. This is my own personal journal. You know those people that keep a journal/ diary? Yea, I have never been one of those people. But it is pretty darn cool (and sometimes horrific) to go back to my old posts from the past 1.5 years and read my thoughts. My mindset and opinions are always changing.

2. It allows me a creative writing outlet. I never actually enjoyed writing- I hated English, writing papers, etc. BUT- when you get to write about things you actually care about, it becomes so different. Dentists don’t write papers- so this is really the only time I get my thoughts out on paper …errr the internet.

3. It challenges my mindset. Reading other blog has really opened my eyes to different mindsets and ways of thinking and has helped me to develop my own.


4. It helps me to “own” who I am. Putting these blog posts out there where literally ANYONE can read (including my friends and family) really puts me in a vulnerable position. It is kind of scary knowing that people get a side of me online that they may not get in real life. I try to be my true authentic self all the time, and my blog has helped me to be unapologetically myself.

5. I met new people. Well I virtually met them- buy ya catch my drift. I am lucky to be a part of blogging communities where women lift each other up and have similar passions as me. I love reading my blogger friends’ posts and feel like I really know them in real life. It is pretty fun.


6. People tell me that by blog / posts/ recipes helped them in some way. If I didn’t get this feedback I am not sure that I would continue to blog. So- if I have inspired you in any way to live a healthier, happier, or more positive life please let me know! I love when people discover how good they truly can feel and how they have a sense of mental clarity after changing their lifestyle.


And in the end- even if I don’t write 5+ blog posts a week (which I don’t think will ever happen), I am still going to be continuing to post on here as much as possible and putting out content that I believe in. This blog is my space to express my thoughts, beliefs, and outlook on life.

Thanks for coming along for a ride with me and I hope you will be back!

Let me know in the comments why you blog (if you are a blogger)! Or let me know if you have ever considered starting a blog, or if anything I have done/said impacted you to live a healthier life!


6 comments on “Why I Blog (even though I hardly have any time)”

  1. This is such a great post! For the past few months I’ve been the same way, I’d rather be doing other things besides blogging. And that’s totally okay for me. Doing things I love (reading, running, going on weekend trips, etc) gives me inspiration to write about things. And I totally agree that everybody makes time for what is important to them. I’m a firm believer in that!

    1. I am right there with you- sometimes you need a little break from blogging to be able to re-focus and put out great content. I would rather spend time doing the things I love vs blogging about them.

  2. Way to write this out, put it into words, and own it!

    1. Thanks Rebecca- sometimes you just gotta write things down to get a little perspective!

  3. Love this post! I find it super fun to blog and share recipes, but definitely agree it is super time consuming and sometimes a bit draining. I spent a lot of my extra time on my blog and work hard at it, but that doesn’t leave room for myself too often. I also fall in the comparison trap and wonder what I can do better to be like so and so or gain more followers like blah blah. In the end, it is fun though and I do really enjoy it, even if only 5 people read my blog haha!

    1. I totally agree on the comparison thing! At the end of the day we do this because we love sharing our lives/lifestyles with other people even if its only a handful of people!

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