Health Documentaries You Should Be Watching

Health Documentaries You Should Be Watching


So, I kind of have a thing for documentaries- health and food documentaries that is. There are so many awesome documentaries out on Netflix and Youtube that I advise all people to watch. These videos are both educational and enlightening. A lot of these videos have to do with the rising obesity rates, plant-based diets, and big food production companies. I wish that these videos were more mainstream so that more people could be educated and enlightened on the food industry. If you haven’t seen some of these videos, I HIGHLY advise watching them. You can even put them on your phone while doing cardio at the gym (totally have done that while spinning, treadmill running, and using the stairmaster). I am kind of a master at watching movies and exercising at the same time.

Read below for a description of my favorite & the most educational Health documentaries!




  1. Vegucated

This video follows 3 people living in New York City for a month long Vegan challenge. The participants included a divorced mother of two, a late teen living with her family, and a young single man. All three participants become educated on the horrors of factory farming and animal cruelty. They are also educated on all of the awesome Vegan alternatives that are on the market. This video is evidence that anyone can adopt a vegan diet and enjoy delicious, flavorful, food.


  1. Forks over Knives


Quote above is from the video 🙂

This is probably my favorite documentary that I have seen to date. If this film doesn’t cause you to reconsider what you put on your plate, then I don’t know what will. The proof is in the science in this movie. Forks over knives recounts the countries with the lowest incidence of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease and compares their diet to the standard American/western diet. With more people dying each year from preventable disease, this film is sure to offer ways to reduce unnecessary death.

  1. Fed Up


This film is a close second to Forks over Knives. This documentary is known as the “film the food industry doesn’t want you to see”- and that is exactly why you should watch it. You know those films where you are just thinking to yourself “YES” “HELL YES” “EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS”?? This is one of those movies. This video chronicles the obesity academic in the United States and how obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise. It addresses the dangers of processed foods, high sugar diets, and inadequate nutrition. It also focuses on the politics of the FDA and the resistance from the government to implement healthier food in schools. America is getter fatter, yet exercise and gym memberships have increased. Want more insight to the problem? Watch this film to find out.


  1. 101 Reasons to Go Vegan


This is about an hour presentation that can be found on youtube. If you are looking to find out more about Veganism, or are considering going Vegan, then I highly recommend this film. It presents scientific information on reasons for adopting a plant-based Vegan diet. The lecturer presents things in a logical manner that just makes sense.


  1. Cowspiracy



This film is about the animal cruelty that occurs during the production of meat and animal products. It covers the treatment of animals, how they are slaughtered, and the horrible living conditions they are subject to. Even cage-free eggs, and grass-fed meat may not be all its cracked up to be. Watch this film to find out more!


  1. Hungry For Change


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from your shitty diet?? So are the people in this film. Get ready for information on how to change your life for the healthier. While this film is not at the top of my list, it is definitely worth a watch (or 2)!

Have you seen any of these films?? Which one(s) do you plan on watching? Let me know in the comments!!

4 comments on “Health Documentaries You Should Be Watching”

  1. I loved forks over knives, but some of the other ones are new to me. Thanks for sharing, I am going to watch one of them at the weekend 🙂

    1. Forks over knives is one of my favorite! I know you will love the others!!

  2. Can you believe I’ve actually seen all of these!? HAHA! Clearly netflix obsessed! I especially love Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy! Such compelling docs!

    1. Ah thats so awesome though! I love documentaries too! I am always on the lookout so for new ones as well. Forks over knives really influenced me- loved it!

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