Fit Snack July Review

And all of a sudden its August. And you realize that there were so many things you planned on doing this summer, yet you haven’t done any of them. Womp. Womp. At least I have my July fit snack box to help me get over the sadness of not having the best summer ever.

I was super excited (as always) to get my fit snack box in the mail. I came home after a not so great day at work (exhausted, annoyed, etc.) to this delightful box of healthy snacks and it cheered me right up. I mean, who doesn’t love delicious, good for you snacks??

Wondering what I got this month in my box??? I’ll give ya the deets below.


When I opened up this box, I was initially excited about the Justin’s Almond butter & the Skinny Pop because I love those products 🙂 Of course I was excited to try the other products as well.

First up: Skinny Pop

fitsnackjuly2If you haven’t had skinny pop then you are missing out on some serious popcorn deliciousness. Love it.


Next: Level Bars- Double Chocolatey Chip

Well, initially I was excited about these bars because they came in a 4 count box. They looked very good and super chocolatey, but when I tasted it I was disappointed. It did not have a strong chocolate flavor at all. It was not sweet what so ever (and I’m not huge on overly sweet protein bars) and very dry. The macros for these bars are good, and they were created as a diabetic friendly food. They are super low in sugar, which is evident by the taste. The bars were not bad, however, calling them double chocolatey chip was misleading.


Trophy farms peanuts: IN LOVE. Best peanuts that I have ever eaten. Some people may think that all peanuts taste the same. Nope. Not me. I can taste the difference from different kinds of all natural peanuts butters in which the only ingredients is peanuts. These nuts were lightly salted, large, and very crunchy. I will be searching out where to buy these because I’m obsessed. I was sad when the 2 serving size bag was gone 🙁


Honey stinger Organic energy chews: Grapefruit flavor.

These chews look perfect for endurance training! Since I am not currently doing any endurance training, I am saving these until I need them for a long run. I will let you all know how I like these when I try them 🙂

flax granola


Flax granola- another flop.

The packaging for this granola is super cute, but the taste was just not good. This product is made of 66% flax seed. The majority of this granola is pure flax. The texture is strange and the taste was super bland. This granola also has a little bit of dried fruits, sunflower seeds, and a tad bit of sweetener in it.



Detrim: A weight loss formula

Verdict: Have not tried it. I probably will not try it either. I am not a fan of any kind of weight loss pill as I think they are dangerous and can have many adverse side effects. Also, who is going to actually lose weight on 2 capsules??? I was disappointed that fit snack included this in their box.

fitsnackjuly7Last but not least: Yummari Endurance Snacks: Chocolate Chip

I have heard a lot of good things about these products, but when I tried this I didn’t really like it. I wanted so badly to like it, but something about the flavor/texture just threw me off. It would be great while training for endurance events as it is very dense and high calorie for the size. I would consider trying the other flavors while training for longer races (well probably just marathons when I give one another go). Honestly, I only took a small bite and tossed it out. Not a fan 🙁


Well, there ya have it folks! Some good products in this box, and some not so good products. My favorite new products was the Trophy Farms peanuts & my long time favorite products were the skinny pop and the Justin’s Almond butter.

What products do you want to try?? Have you ever done monthly subscription boxes??

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