Amita Health & Fitness Rollerblading Marathon Race Recap + Weekend happenings

Yes I did participate in a rollerblading marathon. Yes it was 26.2 miles of rollerblading in sweltering hot weather. But it was SO fun. Like not as fun as running a marathon bc #runnershigh but still fun. Honestly I wish I had someone with me while rollerblading because we couldn’t listen to music either and I got kinda bored.

I will give you a full run down on the event in case you ever want to participate in a rollerblading marathon yourself. This event was hosted by All Community Events which puts on a variety of races all across the country. They host quite a few events in the Chicagoland area from 5ks, glow runs, half marathons, marathons, and rollerblading races. I am planning on doing a few of their half marathons this fall so definitely check out their website for future races!

Lets start at the beginning:

The race was on Saturday morning so I drove home on Friday night after class. Going home for the weekend was for two reasons: first that I was house sitting/ dog sitting my dog and second was that I was participating in the race! Friday afternoon I was seeing a patient for a cleaning (moving up in the world!) and finished at about 4:30. I headed back to my apartment to clean up and have a quick dinner before getting on the road at 6. I wanted to wait until traffic died down a bit because if you’ve ever driven in traffic near Chicago you know that it is not fun!


I had some roasted potatoes and carrots for dinner seasoned with curry, garlic, and black pepper. I dipped the carrots & potatoes in the Thai Coconut Curry hummus from Hope hummus! This meal was essentially my pre face fuel because the race was the next morning and I didn’t eat too much before the race.

I got home, played with my dog for a bit, then headed to walmart to pick up a helmet (they were required for the race). I hit the hay early and got up at 5:20 the next day for the race. I was out the door by 6 am and drove myself to the race. I had a little bit of an issue with finding the parking and getting there because there was construction right after exiting the highway. I think that the arrows on the roads/ orange cones could have been a little more clear on where to park. I ended up parking in the wrong lot because I was afraid of being late but it was all good in the end! I put on my skates and skated over to the start line.


The race was on the smaller side so it was easy to get through the registration line the morning of. I got my race bib, slid on my chip timer and waited about 15 minutes for the start of the race. I was kind of nervous for the start of the race since there would be a lot of us close together trying to get rolling (pun intended). People actually started out a little on the slower side which was nice so everyone could get out of the starting gates without knocking someone else over.

The race was a big loop that was to be completed 6 times. The same loop 6 times over got pretty repetitive very fast. The first lap of the race I was just trying to figure out the course without going too fast. I wanted to check out the rough parts of the road/rocks/steep downhills, etc. There was one downhill where you had to round two corners pretty quickly after each other so I was thankful to not have passed out.


Overall the race was fun but I got bored about 2 laps in. The race did not allow headphones and I was doing it alone so it got pretty boring. I love listening to music while I run because it puts me in a good mood and I love a little jam sesh.

Would I do it again? Probably. But I would first practice rollerblading more than 12ish miles at a time and would make someone else sign up and do it with me. This race would have been a blast with another person.

I definitely underestimated the difficulty of this race. I told myself that it was nothing compared to running a marathon (semi true), but it was still hard work! I was tired and starving by the end. I also would have eaten more than 2 mangoes before the race. I definitely would have felt better with more fuel in the tank!


I tried to get a photo post race to document how sweaty I was (hello it was 90 degrees by the time I finished) but this picture does not do it justice. My head looked like I dunked it in a bucket of water. I guess thats what happens when you wear a helmet when its hot as balls out.

So what did I do the rest of the weekend??

I went to veggie fest, went shopping, walked my dog, and went to free Corepower yoga!


I snagged some goodies from Veggiefest! I loved walking around checking out all of the vegan/vegetarian booths. They had everything from vegan food companies, to natural/cruelty free makeup, to yoga studios, to meditation/spirituality classes. There were also some great speakers talking about plant based nutrition, awesome food demos, and of course lots of great free stuff!

I literally sweat through my shirt while I was there, but it was totally worth it. The vitamin shoppe even gave out free water bottles so that made the heat a little more bearable.

After veggiefest I went to tjmaxx and got a new non-stick yoga mat! They had the manduka brand there which from what I have read online is pretty legit! I scored it for half of the price that it is sold for online! #bargainbetty


Of course i had to try it out at Corepower Outdoor Yoga the next morning. I actually had not planned on going to this yoga class, but then I woke up in the morning and remembered that Corepower hosts a free yoga class on Sunday mornings at MB Financial park near Ohare airport. I would not normally travel that far for a yoga class (45 min drive), but it was right on the way back to school!


It was awesome to do some outdoor yoga in the sunshine. There was a nice breeze too so it wasn’t horribly hot (I like it hot!). The class was nothing super intense, but still had some really good escalations and stretches. I typically like the crazy intense yoga classes where I question my sanity.


Aquafina had some sparkling water for us to try after the race. Hands down the best sparkling water I have ever had. SO. GOOD.

After the class I drove back to school, showered, went into the lab to drill some plastic teeth (#dentistlife), had dinner, studied, and went for a walk along the lake.

What did you do this weekend? Would you ever participate in a roller blading marathon?? Do you like to workout with music? What should i add to my running playlist?

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  1. What a cool idea for a race! I LOVE rollerblading and I bet I’d love doing that. Bummer on the no music, though- that’s the biggest motivator for me! Hopefully you can convince someone to do it with you if you do it again!

    1. It was pretty cool! Definitely would have been a blast to do it with a friend/sibling. I always listen to music when I workout so it was so hard for me to not have it!

  2. I haven’t rollerbladed in AGES, this sounds like so much fun. And what a unique way to race!

    1. Its so different from traditional running races- was fun to try something new!

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